What will happen to AirPods after two or three years of active use?

There is no doubt that AirPods is a modern and trendy accessory. Even in a fast-changing fashion environment, it remains the most popular gadget. Since its appearance on the market, there has been a large amount of users’ feedback, which allows you to appreciate its durability and quality.

How will the AirPods change over time?

 Electronic devices are bound to gradual deterioration and reduction of their original characteristics. Here are some users’ observations.

Reducing the AirPods battery life.

The performance of many modern gadgets is closely related to their batteries, whose autonomy is one of the key features. But over time, they lose their capacity, and AirPods are not an exception in this regard. Initially, the AirPods can run consistently on the promised 5 hours on a single charge, clearly exceeding almost all competitors. The first six months of use will be like this, and the charging case provides an additional 20 hours work.

On average, a week of listening to music for 2-4 hours a day requires charging only once a week, which is very convenient. Increasing the volume due to specific scenarios of using the headset reduces its autonomy. By the end of the first year, the headphones will probably no longer have enough battery power for a day, and you will have to put them in the charging case for the night.

In the second year of use, the battery life will drop even more. You will have to charge the set every 4-5 days or so. But that’s will still be enough for comfortable use. However, you will have to use the charging case almost every day or even more frequently.

In the third year, the AirPods will run for less than two hours in the same mode. Now, we can talk about the loss of half the battery capacity. Besides, each headphone, in many cases, will not run out of power simultaneously.

AirPods Case Clogging.

There is one more problem with AirPods that cannot be solved over time. The headset’s glossy white charging case keeps getting dirty. And if the headset itself looks almost perfect over time, the charging case accumulates dust and dirt. On the inside, it gets a dark coating that penetrates the plastic and is hard to remove.

However, there is a simple way to keep the charging case clean. The best idea is to purchase a case cover to protect the external surface of the charger, a large selection of protective covers on this online store Iheartmycase. The modern market is saturated with offers of protective cases of different prices and quality. They are made of various materials and have diverse shapes, colors, and designs, for example you can purchase Clear Apple AirPods Case.  The inside of the charger can be cleaned with cotton sticks or discs soaked in alcohol or lacquer removal liquid.

Connection problems.

After a few years of using AirPods, another problem often arises.  Only one earpiece connects to your smartphone while the other one needs to be put into the case and then inserted back into the ear.  Neither the resetting of the headphones nor pairing them again or updating the iOS firmware helps to solve the issue. But there is a way out.  When putting AirPods in the case, make sure the LED blinks once. If this doesn’t happen, take the headphones out and plug them in again.

The sound remains good.

Despite all the problems that accumulate over time, AirPods still sounds good. There is no difference in sound between the new headset and the one used for 3 years. Undoubtedly, AirPods retain their properties for about three or four years. Anyway, there are hardly any analogs on the market, whose properties will not deteriorate in 3 years.

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