What to Look for When Buying Your First Golf Bag

Getting into golf for the first time can be exciting but also a little overwhelming. When buying your first bag, you need to know that you aren’t wasting your money. This guide will take you through some key attributes to look out for before investing in a bag so you don’t make the mistakes many beginners fall into. Let’s get into it!

Durable Materials

The first thing you should consider is your full sized golf bag durability. How sturdy does it feel? Depending on how often you play, your bag will go through a lot on the course, especially if you’re playing through all weather patterns. Although you can perform golf bag repair yourself, it isn’t exactly a desirable outcome, and prevention is cheaper than the cure! Nothing will ruin your game faster than a hole in one of your bag pockets. That’s not the hole in one we’re looking for here!

A Reputable Brand

The brand isn’t everything, but it does tell us something. For a brand to stand the test of time, it must consistently deliver quality goods. Their customers will get sick of buying defective goods and take their business elsewhere if it doesn’t. Sure, you may find a great deal from an obscure brand, but you’ll likely need to replace it a few months later. Go for a well-trusted brand, and remember to read the reviews!

Comfortable Carrying Straps

Even if you exclusively use a golf cart and refuse to carry your bag across the course on your back, you will always appreciate high-quality carrying straps. Putting too much strain on your back and shoulders can result in serious injury, so don’t take this point lightly. Look after yourself by trying out the carrying straps in-store or at home before heading out onto the green.

An Appropriate Size

Tying into the previous point, your bag needs to be an appropriate size. Even if you’re committed to using your golf cart, you will still be hauling it around at some point. You’ll find that more difficult if it’s too big for you. However, you’ll also need to ensure it’s big enough for all the necessary equipment. Do you need a casual bag or a full-blown Tour Staff bag? It all depends on how often you play.

The Right Number of Dividers for You

Finally, it’s time to talk about dividers. This largely depends on how much equipment you think you’ll need on the course – especially the number of clubs you will use. Keeping your clubs separated throughout your game is essential to maintaining their quality. Otherwise, they could knock into each other or may even rust. If you’re using more than one, keep them apart!

Don’t Just Follow a Brand Name!

As we already stated, brand names are important to an extent, but they aren’t everything. Don’t just purchase a golf bag because it’s from a brand you recognize. Make sure it actually fits the criteria you need to get the most out of your playing time on the course!

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