What to know about Abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain is a type of discomfort or pain that is experienced in the body between the chest and pelvis. In daily life and in usual language, the abdomen is referred to as belly. The pain is often called stomach ache but that can also be of several types. Abdominal pain can be of three types of nature namely localized, crampy or colicky.

The pain which is caused due to a problem in one of the organs and causes pain at a specific point is called localized abdominal pain. Cramp like pain sometimes goes away or subsidies without any treatment. It can be linked to constipation, menstrual cramps or other complications in the female reproductive organs. The third type which is the colicky pain can be associated with more serious situations like kidney stones. The pain caused in the third type is a sudden one and can feel like that of a muscle strain.

The organs responsible for the pain lies in the same region where the pain occurs. Hence the organs lie around the belly. The reason behind it can be the enlargement of an organ due to internal pressure. Stomach, small intestine, colon, liver, kidney, pancreas etc. are located in this part of the body. At times this theory cannot be termed accurate because the pain can also occur due to the problems in the lower lungs. And things might also change when the organs in the specified area may cause a problem in the back or any other part.

Abdominal pain has quite varied symptoms which consist of gas, indigestion, chest discomfort etc. Symptom tracker can prove to be helpful in managing abdominal pain. Foreign bodies like virus or bacteria are also responsible for causing infection which can eventually lead to abdominal pain as well. Infection in the mouth or throat can also cause prove to be problematic. As it can eventually lead to abdominal or stomach pain. Not only this but pain can also arise from the tissue of the abdominal wall. And it is not a rare thing to notice, rather every person once in the lifetime suffers from abdominal pain.

But it doesn’t mean that it can be ignored, as this can cause severe problems in the later stages of life. Despite the intensity, duration or location of the pain, it is recommended that the person suffering from it should see a doctor for it. As no one can predict the outcome or the cause of it other than the doctor. However, the person should avoid going to the doctor if the situation is less serious and starts to get better in a day or two.

How to diagnose Abdominal pain?

A series of tests can be conducted by the doctor if any person visits him with a complaint of abdominal pain. These can help in knowing the exact cause of the pain and hence prescribing the best available treatment or medicine for it. Very first thing with which doctor can start is a physical examination.

The patient’s body will be tested to know the presence of any type of sounds coming out of the intestines. This means that there is an obstruction in the intestinal passage. The doctor may also look for a mass inside and around the abdominal cavity, which will help in sporting a tumor if its there.

Laboratory tests can also be conducted if there is not much physical evidence present in the body of the patient. The lab tests give reports regarding the exact blood cell count. An increase in WBC depicts that the person is suffering from infection whereas a decrease in RBC stands for bleeding in the intestines. Similarly, different types of results show different health issues which can be the cause of abdominal pain.

Simple X-rays can also prove to be helpful for the doctors for understanding the defect or presence of any unusual internal problem. Things like kidney stones or enlarged loops of intestines are few of the things that can be easily noticed via x-ray. Apart from these methods, radiographic studies can also do wonders. Ultrasound, CT scan etc. are few of the most important radiographic studies which are able to find the defects.

Despite the latest and the most advanced technology being used in the medical profession, some things are difficult to be diagnosed. Although the accuracy and ease have greatly increased, at times the machines can also do the blunder.

Treatment of Abdominal pain

At times the pain is caused due to viral infection and does not require any medications to be taken. Gradually over a period of a few days, the pain subsides and the person becomes healthy again. Everything related to the treatment completely relies on the report which is generated by the doctor based on the observations and tests.

Each cause can be treated in a specific way and manner. And after the cause is diagnosed it becomes easy for the doctor to start the medication, therapy or surgery as the case may be. As in the case of hernia, surgery might be the most helpful and appropriate way to treat it. Medications can help in making the person ready for the operation. Treatment tracker can prove to be helpful in managing the severe pain of abdominal pain.

Following a healthy and proper lifestyle might also help with abdominal pain. If any person has frequent pain in the stomach or the nearby region, then it can also be a result of the unhealthy daily routine of the person. A proper diet full of each component such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, nutrients etc. will help such a person. Consumption of food which is contaminated or prepared in an unhealthy manner is bound to cause infection. And hence it should be avoided at each and every cost so as to stay free from abdominal pain.

Along with this, regular physical exercise is a must. As it keeps the body fit and active, which in turn keeps the internal organs in a better condition. Decreasing the frequency of smoking and consumption of alcohol can be another important step towards getting rid of abdominal pain. The person is also recommended to stay in a healthy and hygienic environment.

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