What to keep in mind once you purchase your new car?

Well, you just got your first car and you’re over the top. You did it! However, before you get all geared up and excited, there are a few things that you need to know about your very own vehicle. Given below are a few tips that you need to know as a new car owner.

  • Go through the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual is nobody’s best friend and no one has the best time reading it, we all know that. But there are some things you just have to do whether you like it or not. The manual has a lot of important information that will be very handy for you throughout the life of your vehicle. Like the fuel grade, the maintenance schedule of your car, the tire pressure. So on, and so forth. You can also go to getpitstop.com for more information.
  • Research and get a firm grip on your car insurance option. There are different insurance providers and everyone will provide you with a different quote for your car. Therefore, in your best interest, it is recommended that your go about the market and then make your decision on the insurer. There are numerous sites online that now allow you to compare car insurance quotes while you sit and enjoy your coffee in the comfort of your own home. This simply means that there’s no reason for you to settle for a plan that’s below average. Always compare before choosing your provider. Make a habit of this every year when you renew your current plan. Never forget to ask about any kind of discount that can reduce your premium amount.
  • Make sure your car is regularly maintained. It’s always a tempting option to save money by skipping on one maintenance but that means you’re compromising with the value and life of your car and its life. If you’re not regularly changing your air filters, rotating your tires and changing your oil, you’re not doing good by your car. In case you’re not sure about the kind of maintenance your car needs, always check out the owner’s manual for more information.
  • Always keep the receipts. Get yourself a folder which will allow you to keep the receipts from any major repairs or routine maintenance schedule. This might seem like a very tedious job but when you have to sell or trade in your car, you will be able to prove that you have taken care of the car and it’s worth every dollar you’re selling it at.
  • Spend your money on car washes. Car washes aren’t just for the public eye so that everyone can see you have a gleaming car. They are also meant to protect the vehicle. Debris and dirt can chew the paint sealer away that makes sure your car is protected from corrosion and rust. So always be at the top of your game with car washes so that your exterior still looks brand new.
  • Start by changing your driving habits to save up on some gas. Your driving habits have a huge impact on how often you are required to fill up the gas tank. In case you accelerate quickly or brake suddenly on a regular basis or drive at high speeds, you’ll be burning more fuel than driving at a steady pace. Gas prices are on the constant rise, which is why it’s always worth changing your habits to save up on some money and what’s more is that you won’t get pulled over as well.
  • Always check the pressure in your tires. The tires have an ideal level of pressure and if you keep them well inflated, not only will you increase the gas mileage, you will also prolong their life in the long run. Check the pressure of the tires at least once a month and most importantly, check it in the winter months if you live in a very cold area.
  • Look for a spot in the back of the parking lot. It’s all about getting a few extra steps on a daily basis. With our regular hectic lifestyles and schedules, a lot of us don’t dedicate enough time to exercise. This way you can always squeeze in a few extra steps. What’s more is that your vehicle will be less prone to dents and dings since the back of the parking lot area is always less crowded.
  • Always focus on the road and keep your phone away. If you’re person who has a hard time putting the phone away while driving then you really need to get into the habit quickly. According to statistics, a person who’s distracted on the road is injured every half hour and driver who is using his phone becomes four times more vulnerable to a collision than a driver who is focused on his driving. Keeping that rectangular box away doesn’t reduce the risk of being in an accident, it also gives you leverage over those expensive tickets for driving distractedly and entering the wrong side of one way, etc.
  • The no.1 cause of summer breakdowns is overheating of a car. No surprises here, but summers make a car really hot. This is why it’s important to make sure that the radiator is always adequately filled with a coolant at the right concentrate mixture of 50/50, the right mix of anti-freeze and water. However, your car might recommend some other ratio, so always check the specifications. You must flush the radiator every two years. If it has not been serviced, you must do so before you go ahead and hit the road. In case you’re planning to do it yourself, always make sure the engine has cooled down before you open the cap of the radiator. If you don’t wait for it to cool down then you will in all probability get burnt by the boiling coolant.

Last but not the least, enjoy yourself in your new car and learn the joys of being in the driver’s seat. There’s nothing quite as exciting as driving on empty roads, alone or with friends. Since you’ve invested so much money in your new ride, you have to take care of it as well. Take on the challenges and responsibilities with a smile so that you enjoy your time behind the wheel.

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