What tells you a home buyer is not serious?

You may be very excited about that prospective home buyer who responded so quickly to the advert of your ‘house on sale’. Before you go too far with the excitement and end up being frustrated, you must get to verify if the home buyer is a serious one or it’s another waste of time. Experienced realtors can tell the difference between a reliable home buyer and a fake one. But you are not an expert and that is why reading the following tips will help you make the difference and avoid cons.

Following are the red flags you need to look out for

When the buyer is an individual without an agent or company

If the person looking for a home doesn’t have an agent yet, it could mean that they aren’t serious about shopping for a home yet. There is no cost involved in having an agency since it is the seller who pays the agent’s commission. You can imagine dealing with someone who doesn’t have an initiative of putting up some sale agency- will they be bothered to get the required documents involved in the acquisition of the home. Research has shown that 87% of homeowners sell their property through estate agents and that means if you don’t have one, then you aren’t in business. Avoid such; they could waste your time.

If they’ve just begun shopping

Purchasing a home is not like buying a snack in a hotel. Thus, it is very rare to find someone who goes for the first house they see during their search. If you notice that the person who is interested in your home began shopping for a home just a few days ago, they may be still looking for a better option. Pay more attention to home buyers that seem to have had months of search.

When there is o pre-approval from the lender

You don’t want to waste time with someone who is not committed to buying your home and only wants to waste your precious time. As a show of commitment, someone should seek approval from their financier to show that they qualify for the said amount of money. This is for those who are probably buying through a mortgage or another bank loan. Let them give you evidence of the approval from the lender and thus you can zero into striking a deal with that person.

Taking long before visiting

Homebuyers who take their time before visiting the property may be people who are not serious. Someone who is seriously looking for a home would make arrangements for a visit immediately they contact you. They visit the site immediately and show their commitment to purchasing the house. All you need to sell your house fast in Jacksonville and get your return on your investment.

Making promises without any action

Avoid those agencies that will come to you with promises to visit and make their commitment, either through a deposit or present a pre-approval from a financier.

Do not rush into making a deal with any person those contacts you in response to an advert you put out there on your home sale. Be careful, scrutinize every offer and choose the best and a reliable company.

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