What Should You Have for Comfortable Playing Online Games

The modern gaming industry is increasingly moving towards online games. They are dedicated to anime, they are loved by the players because of the well-thought-out social component that reveals character traits and leads through interesting events, similar to book narrative storylines.

What a player needs to enjoy the gameplay of online games:

  • Comfortable gaming chair
  • Good headset
  • Powerful processor
  • Lots of RAM
  • Good video card
  • Dynamic gaming monitor
  • SSD or HUD

Comfortable gaming chair

The gameplay of online games involves a lot of time spent at the computer. So that the back and the body do not get tired, and the game is not associated with painful sensations, you need a good gaming chair. 

It doesn’t matter – your choice fell on an online game of the World of Warcraft level, or Blade and Soul, or a football simulator – a good gaming chair is one of the key factors for a long and comfortable game.

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They are developed by special companies, taking into account the peculiarities of the human anatomy of the body, the chairs are adjusted to a certain type and body structure, which ensures good ergonomics. Choose a chair made of good materials, otherwise, in hot weather, long games will cause discomfort, not pleasure.

Good headset

A high-quality headset directly affects the soundtrack in the game and, accordingly, the atmosphere that is set by the developers to enhance the feeling when farming raids and combat encounters.

Headsets are better to choose according to two criteria:

Sound – virtual or real 7.1

Microphone – they are often the same, but it is better to take a detachable one if in the future you decide to buy a desktop, professional microphone.

Virtual 7.1 – the effect of seven speakers located at different levels from the player is created using the program and creates a slightly electronic, but still high-quality surround sound around the player. These headsets cost an average of $50 and cover most of the needs of gamers.

Real 7.1 – the effect of seven speakers located at different levels from the player is created using the equipment built into the headset and provides a realistic spatial sound around the gamer with the effect of presence and realism. Such headsets are several times more expensive than virtual 7.1, but the difference in sound is striking.

Do not immediately chase an expensive headset if your budget does not allow it. Virtual 7.1 sound will be sufficient for most gamers.

Powerful processor

A good and powerful gaming processor affects the quality of loading the game world and the amount of load from running applications and third-party programs.

It is worth choosing gaming processors of at least the 5th series from AMD, or Intel. It is advisable to opt for the latest generations. It is also important to pay attention to any error messages like dev error 5573 that may occur when running the game.

Lots of RAM

RAM slots directly affect the quality of the game, the number of loading characters in locations, in raids and in PVP zones.

In general, for today’s gaming industry, a gaming laptop or PC should be equipped with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. Ideally 16, or 32 GB.

A large amount of RAM will provide a high number of game animations that your computer can withstand without freezing or crashing from the game.

Good video card

A good video card is responsible for a beautiful picture inside the game, the maximum setting that you can set.

The more powerful the video card, the more load it can withstand when setting game parameters.

It is better to choose a gaming video card of at least 1000 series, but if financial possibilities allow, install 3060 and more powerful.

The company doesn’t really matter. That Nvidia, that Asus, that Gigabit, that MSI produce high-quality video cards that differ only in power and price segment.

Dynamic gaming monitor

Dynamic refers to a gaming monitor with a high hertz level and minimal response.

The higher the hertz value, the more smoothly the change in the picture is transmitted to the player. Game dynamics becomes smoother and without jerks. The difference is especially noticeable in shooters and in the simple movement of the cursor. Online games also play well at 120Hz and above.


To get a faster loading speed for players, monsters and gaming locations for online games, it is recommended to install an SSD drive.

The SSD provides fast data read speed, which provides lightning-fast response with the game server.

Bulk SSDs are quite expensive, but 128-256 GB drives are not expensive and are enough to keep your favorite games on it.

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