What should we wear in early pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most sensitive time for every woman around. This is the crucial time period for both lives, i.e. mother as well as an unborn child.  Every woman wants to be comfortable, and all the mothers to be are very conscious, and they are ready to do everything for their unborn babies. With being conscious of their diet, women must make the best choice of clothes throughout the pregnancy, especially during the early weeks. Wearing the right kinds of clothes, including maternity tops, during pregnancy is the basic need. During the course of pregnancy, body shape undergoes gradual changes inside out so women must wear the right styles of clothes that are appropriate and relaxing. Here are the best types of clothes that women should wear in early pregnancy.

Figure 1: Maternity

Tunics: these are some oversize tops that hit till the legs and can cover you properly as well but depends upon your height. Tunics are preferred best to be utilized in pregnancy. Tunic fabrics are often made from chiffon, synthetics, and georgette to help prevent overactive hormones from sweating. Moreover, tunics used in this time period must be very soft to avoid skin infections and rashes.

Figure 2: Tunics

Wrap and Maxi dress: a classic wrap dress is elegant when a baby is yet to come. Just try to have some simple wrap dresses because wear busy prints in pregnancy would get difficult for you to pull them off again and again. Moreover, the maxi is the most preferred dress by pregnant women.  This dress makes a woman still feel polished her body undergoes change.

Figure 3: Wrap dress

Fold over Yoga Pants: yoga pants are the best alternative to normal pants because you can wear anytime, from a casual lunch with friends to more formal occasions. If you are expecting the first time, then it’s harder to estimate how much your body will change. However, whatever you choose, be sure to select items that are loose or have some stretch.

Figure 4: Yoga Pants

T-shirts:  stretchy t-shirts in the right colors, i.e. white, grey, light blue, baby pink, etc. would be the most suitable choice to wear at home or outside.  There is nothing best than buying these stretchy t-shirts during pregnancy. On the other hand, avoid t-shirts that have too many textures, because they may irritate your already sensitive skin.

Maternity jeans and shorts: these soft jeans don’t require belts and are so comfortable that once you wear them, you’ll forget about your other pairs. From early pregnancy stages until the end women go through different seasons and feel too much cold in winter. On the other hand, women have complained about the heat and are fed-up of sweating also, so you must wear maternity jeans and shorts. Prefer wearing cotton shorts in the summer season to absorb sweat and keep you cool and woolen jeans in winter. Avoid wearing short shorts during pregnancy because the waistband can shimmy down and eventually ride up.

Leggings for days: women must have a pair of leggings with them in the rotation because they are hands down and they mold your body. Moreover, there are several hormonal changes to the body during the early pregnancy stage. Throughout this time, hormonal changes can cause skin allergies or rash, so wearing the right leggings can save you from this kind of skin irritation. On the other hand, avoid wearing suspenders because they are hard to wear for the mothers-to-be. That is why elastic waist leggings are more most suitable to wear during pregnancy, especially if you decide to use them as part of your sleep attire.

Figure 5: Leggings

Menswear: an oversized blazer will leave you feeling chic and it will adjust to your ever-changing body. Women often prefer to wear heels; however, pregnant women should avoid wearing them especially during the early stages of pregnancy.

Maternity tops: come in a variety of styles. From button-ups to sleeveless, these items are also made from quality fabric to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Active swimwear and sleepwear: some women while in pregnancy want to stay active and they still want to go into the pool and enjoy swimming. However, in the early pregnancy period, you might feel nausea and vomiting. In this condition, wearing tight swimwear or sleepwear can make you feel uncomfortable and cause skin irritation.


Conclusively, women must be very conscious during her pregnancy and should do whatever needs to be done to keep herself and her baby safe.  Many women think that not wearing their favorite cloth during pregnancy will not make them look pretty.  But it’s not true because one can look better than millions and stay comfortable as well if they make the right choice of clothes. Pants and shorts can be worn that do need belts, and their looseness and tightness can be adjusted accordingly. These unique kinds of maternity clothes and tops available in markets provide ample support to your growing belly.

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