What Qualities Does A Good Keynote Speaker Have?

Communication is key to making connections. It’s the most effective way to share your beliefs and ideas with the masses. Yet, many fear speaking their heart out. According to one study, 77% of people suffer from “Glossophobia- a fear of public speaking”.

Glossophobia can be related to anything. It can be sharing the presentation with your client, participating in a corporate meeting, or doing a comic show. However, you must conquer your fear of public speaking and improve your speaking abilities to progress in your career. Remember, good speakers are not born; they are nurtured.

Here’s a rundown of the attributes that make a great keynote speaker.

1. They Know Their Audience

Before planning their speech, the leading inspirational speakers ask themselves, “Why would someone listen to me?” They spend time learning about their target audience, what questions they might have, and what their problems are. If you are delivering a speech to researchers as a speaker, make it as light-hearted as possible while emphasising the importance of numbers.

2. They Conduct A Research On The Topic

A successful keynote speaker does not skimp on the research. Conducting extensive research helps in the collection of statistics, the analysis of various theories, and the preparation of relevant speech. A well-researched speech reflects the speaker’s knowledge. It helps in drawing more numbers. Once the research part is done, the next crucial step is preparing the outline.

3. They Are Confident

Inspiring a crowd is not everyone’s cup of tea. A great inspirational speaker never suffers stage fright or feels anxious in front of a diverse crowd. A confident speaker is always clear of their thoughts. In one of the reports published by the University of Wolverhampton, audiences see confident speakers as knowledgeable, competent, and credible. Practice your speech before the mirror to overcome nervousness. Try to be yourself instead of forcing yourself to fit into the shoes of your idol.

4. They Are Passionate

Passion outsmarts technique. Excellent speakers never choose a topic that does not interest them. As a speaker, talking about something you enjoy helps you connect with your audience more effectively. It’s a vital ingredient that should be perfectly blended into the speech and body language before beginning a speech or debate.

5. They Focus On The Motive

Humour is a terrific way to spice up your speech. But not at the cost of insignificance. The best motivational speakers structure their speeches so that each anecdote or sidebar leads the audience back to the primary point.

Todd Sampson is the best illustration of this; his ability to integrate humour with the purpose is flawless.

6. They Are Creative

Aspiring speakers neglect the significance of creativity. You won’t be able to hold your audiences’ attention for more than a few minutes if your opening is dreary. You need to express even your plain words in a gripping manner. Keynote speakers are masters at letting their creative juices flow.

7. They Rely On Statistics And Facts

No one likes listening to plain words that are not backed up with relevant data and facts. Using data is a persuasive way to deliver your message. It convinces people of your ideas while also giving a solid foundation for your argument. Whether you are speaking in a boardroom or are conveying political speech, stats always help. Good women motivational speaker never forgets to include data.

8. They Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is the key to becoming a successful speaker, as it conveys the impression that the listener is an integral part of the discussion. If you avoid eye communication, it means you don’t agree with what you are saying. Your entire body position will begin to send a bad message to your audience. Making eye contact does not imply aggressive staring, and staring at one person for more than 3 seconds is a strict no. Consider your crowd as an individual listener; this will make things easier for you.

Check out some of Gus Balbontin‘s videos to see how skilled he is at maintaining eye contact.

9. They Smile

According to a study by Golle, Mast, and Lobmaier, happy expressions are the basis of attractiveness judgement. People find smiling faces to be more pleasant and friendly than individuals who do not smile often. As a speaker, though, you must be mindful of the situations in which smiling is improper. If you are delivering a speech about a serious topic, such as an Australian bushfire, keep your facial expressions under check.

Steve Sammartino, one of the best keynote speakers in Australia and start-up guru, knows the art of facial expression quite well.

10. They Interact With Their Audience

One-way communication rarely works, and great speakers are well aware of this. As a result, they never pass up an opportunity to engage with their listeners. Interacting with your audience during a public speech allows you to connect with them more directly. You will have a better understanding of their problems.

11. They Conduct Q & A Sessions

Nobody enjoys going to a session where their question is unanswered. If the speaker has a reputation for ignoring the crowd, the next session will be unattended. To be a good speaker, close your words after a Q&A session. Allow the audience to raise their concerns. Answer them patiently. Commit to resolving their qualms at the next meet if you can’t answer them right away.

12. They Keep It Short

Your audience does not have the whole day. Craft your content meticulously. Keep it short, around 15 to 20 minutes. According to John Medina, a renowned molecular biologist, people lose interest after around ten minutes. Therefore, don’t suffocate your listeners with information. Allow them to digest for a while. If you are going to be on stage for 30 minutes, make the most of it. Set aside 15 minutes for information sharing and 15 minutes for crowd work.

Good public speaking attributes can make you an influential speaker in no time. You will be able to draw large crowds and flourish in whatever field you choose. All it takes to become the best keynote speaker in Australia is a combination of the traits listed above and some practice.

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