What new photo features were added by iOS 17?

iOS 17 changed the iPhone landscape with some incredible, creative and engaging features. What’s great about this new version is that along with live voicemail, personalizing calls and incredible message features, the new version also added some interesting features for the Photos app. What features should you check if you are a photo enthusiast?

Pet recognition

Let’s face it, most of us take pictures of their pets, and our camera can be full of dozens or even hundreds of pet images. Now the Photos app can easily identify animals in pictures and it can sort those pictures and create albums. That’s a great way to not only have pet images properly organized, but you get everything in a single place too, which is helpful.

Single tap crop

Additionally, the Photos app allows you to Zoom into an image, tap on Crop and then you are good to go. You don’t have to go through the interface made for photo editing. Here at Backlight Blog we welcome such a change, because it’s great and it certainly makes the experience better and more cohesive. Plus, it can help you save a ton of time.

Learning more about images

Apple improved a feature called Visual Look Up which gives you a lot of information about image subjects. That’s great because it can show recipe info for a drink/food image, or it can give you directions if you have a landmark in the image. All of that helps blend in the great AI systems that Apple has in play, and the results that you receive are quite impressive. You now have a lot more details about images, and you can even share that info with others.

A better photo interface

It’s not a huge change, but now the Done and Cancel button were moved to the top of the display. And on top of that, they also added a text description for every button. Until now, Apple expected you to know what each symbol does. But that’s not necessary anymore, since you now get to have a better and more streamlined experience.

Updates to QR codes

The QR experience hasn’t always been the best, but now things are improved. Instead of having a link appearing in the middle of the display, it’s now shown at the bottom. That means it’s easier to tap, and you can enter the link without issues.

There’s also a camera leveling solution. The horizontal line is great because it gives you a good way to line up your landscape shots. All of these are great updates for iOS 17 and it certainly adds a great sense of value. Of course, there are always challenges when it comes to setting up the right shots or managing images. iOS 17 finally addresses many of the concerns that people had, while still making the user experience better and more consistent. It’s a great idea to check this out for yourself, and test the new camera features!

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