What Makes Modern Home Security Systems Better than Burglar Alarms

Having a break-in experience can be extremely scary. Recovering from the shock of burglary can take a good amount of time. Whether you have been a victim of a break-in or not, it’s always worth knowing what protection you can provide to your home and family with a home security system.

Compared to traditional bells-only burglar alarms, modern home security systems come with a wide range of sophisticated features. The latest security systems that are also popular alternatives to ADT are AI integrated and include many smart features.

Let’s Compare Modern Home Security Systems and Traditional Burglar Alarms

A traditional burglar alarm may be the cheaper alternative. However, they are no match for the modern home security systems available in the market today. A smart home security system is connected to the internet and a smartphone and alerts the user when detecting any suspicious activity. These systems even enable you to monitor your home through your smartphone even while you’re away.

Alert System

Traditional burglar alarms or bells-only alarms make a loud ringing noise when someone tries to break-in. While noise is an excellent way to alert the neighborhood or scare away burglars, it doesn’t reach past a certain distance.

The latest home security systems use the internet to connect to your home and your smartphone. It functions through an app on your smartphone that will allow you to view your house through a home camera system.

The more advanced security systems will be connected to the nearest police station and will send an alert directly to the police if it detects any unwanted activity.

Technology Used

Bells-only alarms are connected with the wiring. So it’s easy for burglars to interrupt the wiring. The burglars can cut through it undetected without actually breaking in. It’s easy to tamper with the cables of a burglar alarm. As mentioned earlier, smart home security systems use the internet to alert the user.

You can even view the interiors of your house. Some of the latest home security systems that are great alternatives to ADT even use a combination of AI and human intervention to function. The AI software detects unauthorized activity and alerts guards who are live-monitoring your house through a security camera.

The AI can also differentiate an actual threat like a human trying to break in from a useless activity like the neighborhood cat trying to jump your wall. Once alerted, the guards will assess the situation through the camera and respond in seconds. Simultaneously, the guards will also contact the police.

Features and Functionality

Bells-only alarms can only detect break-in and make a loud noise. They do not have monitoring or motion censoring. They are not connected to cameras or the internet. Modern monitored alarm systems allow extensive monitoring and now come with high-definition security cameras.

The new home security systems even let you add additional features like smoke detection, motion sensors, temperature and water sensors, panic buttons, and sirens.

Control from Anywhere in the World

A traditional burglar alarm can only be controlled by someone physically present next to the alarm system. To enable or disable it, you would have to push a series of buttons. A modern security system, on the other hand, can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

You can activate or deactivate your security system with your smartphone. You can enable or disable additional security features. You can even control other devices like your thermostat, air conditioner, or lights from the other end of the world.

Better Protection and Security

It would be challenging for a burglar to break past a modern home security system undetected. The security system is functioning 24/7 and can even function if your Wi-Fi is disconnected. Surveillance Camera Monitoring is professional for securing home. It would take a lot of skill and expertise to hack home security systems powered by the internet and AI. The sensors detect even the slightest movements and call for immediate response.


Traditional bells-only alarms are much cheaper. They also don’t require monthly payment charges. However, bells-only alarms come with a lot of limitations and don’t offer a fraction of the features home security systems offer. They are also not connected to cameras.

Why You Must Invest in a Modern Home Security System

Modern home security systems offer the best security possible. They help you track and monitor your house from anywhere in the world. They provide additional features that give you even better control over your house when you’re away.

You cannot only monitor your house, but can also find out what time your kids got home, whether the mail was dropped off, and anything within the vicinity of your camera. Installing a fully-loaded modern home security system will allow you to travel worry-free.



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