What Is Tirlu Exchanger?

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are very familiar with the concept of the crypto exchanger. Unlike a full-fledged exchange, an exchanger just offers you to buy or sell crypto at a fixed rate offered by the platform. It is much more convenient and faster than using an exchange. You can learn about the best way to save your money by investing it in the appropriate field, on this website: http://www.money-4me.com

Tirlu.com is one of the most interesting exchanges on the market due to the fact that it offers its users to sell crypto for PayPal USD. Given that PayPal really, really doesn’t like crypto, it is a rare and curious capability.

Tirlu’s features

Tirlu doesn’t offer any opportunity to buy digital coins – you can only sell crypto here. And there are only two cryptocurrencies supported: Bitcoin and Litecoin.

In other words, Tirlu has an extremely narrow specialization, but it is very good in its niche.

Tha platform also has set of very important advantages in comparison to its competitors:

  • While most crypto platforms working with fiat force their users to pass KYC procedure and verify their identities. Tirlu does not require any verification at all. The only data required is your Paypal account.
  • It is very hard to make a mistake while using Tirlu – it has a very clear and easy to use interface.
  • Almost always Tirlu offers 5-10% more than competitors for the same amount of BTC or LTC.

The platform’s advantages are confirmed by users’ reviews about Tirlu: the only negative reviews are about interaction with PayPal, the platform itself is almost universally well liked.

PayPal and Tirlu

PayPal from time to time puts funds received by Tirlu users on hold or even blocks accounts of some users. It doesn’t happen often, but it is a constant threat that Tirlu openly acknowledges and warns users about it.

The problem is in PayPal’s Terms of Service that forbids receiving profit from selling cryptocurrencies. And if the company finds you in violation of the Terms of Service – they go after you.

Tirlu takes great measures in order to minimize risks for users:

  • Officially users receive payments for goods and services from different private accounts.
  • There is a comprehensive guide on how to make sure that your account will not attract PayPal’s attention
  • Tirlu provides guidance in case your transaction is challenged by PayPal support.

However, these measures are not enough to mitigate the risk completely. Blockings are a rare occurrence, but they still happen from time to time, especially if the user becomes complaisant and stops following Tirlu’s guidance.

Therefore, while Tirlu offers a unique capability for crypto users, you should be aware of the risks and take everything into account.

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