What is the Role of an Accident Lawyer in an Accident Case?

If you have been physically injured or your property damaged following a car accident, you may ask yourself whether it is worth hiring a car accident lawyer to take on your case. You may also wonder if it’s a good decision to deal with the insurance company and settle the case yourself.

All of these will depend on how severe your injuries are and how complex the case is. If your injuries are serious, then it would be best to hire a NJ car accident lawyer. Let us now look at some of the critical roles of a car accident lawyer in a car accident claim.

  1. The lawyer keeps in touch with the other driver’s insurance company

One of the critical roles of a car accident lawyer is that he or she must contact the insurance adjuster for the parties involved. The insurance adjuster has the pocketbook, and that’s why your lawyer needs to have a strong relationship and excellent communications with the adjuster.

  1. He or she gathers evidence of accountability

The car accident lawyer is responsible for gathering the evidence required to prove that another party is responsible for the accident. Even though you could have taken some pictures of the accident at the accident scene, it is the duty of the lawyer to go back to the accident scene and collect further evidence that he or she can obtain. Although the pictures you took can considerably help the case, it is still critical for the lawyer to personally assess the scene of the accident.

The lawyer must make sure that or she obtains all the reports regarding the accident and speaks with the witnesses as well as the police officers investigating the case. A good lawyer knows where and how to gather the evidence required to help your case.

  1. The lawyer must also obtain the evidence of damages

Other than gathering evidence of accountability, the lawyer also gathers evidence to prove that the accident caused some damages. The lawyer must obtain all the documentation proving that you sustained injuries. However, getting all the documentations from the healthcare providers is not that easy.

For you to succeed in your accident claim, you must prove beyond reasonable doubt, through medical evidence:

  • That the other party’s negligence led to the accident
  • The exact injury you sustained or your disability.

The majority of doctors often don’t mention the cause and severity of injury or disability in the medical records. In case that happens, it is the role of the car accident lawyer to write to the health provider, asking them to give their opinion of what caused the accident and how it caused your injury or disability.

  1. The lawyer will negotiate the compensation

The NJ injury lawyer also has the responsibility of negotiating your compensation. Negotiation requires excellent skills. A car accident lawyer is in a better position to get a good amount of compensation than you. The lawyer knows the value of your case and how they can negotiate to obtain maximum compensation.

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