What Is The Meaning Of Statute Of Limitations?

A statute of limitations means a law that is implemented in order to set the maximise duration or amount of time in which parties involved in a dispute have to start or initiate the legal proceedings from the actual date of an alleged offense whether it is civil or criminal.

The exact time period of statute of limitations depends on both the type of claim as well as state, be it contract claim or injury as well as fraud. Most of them come into the range of one to ten years but in most common cases it ranges with two to three years.

The main reason why statute of limitations is created is because to prevent the potential defendants from being subjected to the unfair prosecution or any other legal action. One major fact that gives rise to statute of limitations is the simple fact that relevant evidence or information does not get lost or disappear after a passage of many years.

What is meant by personal injury statute of limitations?

A statute of limitations basically refers yo a period within which an individual must file his case. In Florida the personal injury statute of limitations is different from case to case that clearly depends on the type of injury. The aim of statute if limitations is that it protects the defendant from any injustice for an indefinite period.

The Florida statute of limitations is applied even when an individual has already started negotiations with the insurance company of defendant.

What if one misses the statute of limitations deadline?

If one tries to file a personal injury lawsuit after the deadline there are chances that defense can move to dismiss ones case. Probably the court would also deny that and the individual would be prohibited from filing any other or further case that is related to that specific case regardless of how strong one’s claim is or who actually caused the accident. Not only this one would also not be able to receive any kind of compensation for his injuries.

However if one hires an experienced personal injury attorney soon after confronting an accident could go a long way along with surety of the fact that he does not miss out on any compensation because of deadlines that are missed. An attorney with experience will help one in figuring out the statute of limitations for one’s case in personal injury cases. They would also be clear or make sure of the fact that the individual has got enough time so that he could assert his rights.

How can a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer help the individual?

When an individual or his loved one suffers from injury or loses life in an accident the most crucial thing to do would be filing for damages. However the process could be complex as well as involving and this is the reason why one needs a reputable yet trustworthy personal injury lawyer in order to represent the individual. A lawyer is the person who understands the statute of limitations for any kind of injury and would work hard to make sure that the individual files in good time.

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