What is the Best Design for a Small Bathroom?


We all know this room because we spend a good amount of our time there. So, of course, we want anywhere we spend a significant amount of time to look appealing. But, if you have a small bathroom, you may wonder how you can make it look more attractive.

There are several design tips to help give you the best design for your small bathroom. You can do things yourself, but home care contractors recommend hiring professionals to do the more difficult work.

1)  Install a Small Tub

One way to make your bathroom appear bigger and still get the luxury of taking a bath is to install a small tub that fits perfectly in the space. Installing a tub can be tricky, so be sure to call the professionals on this one!

2)  Install High Ceiling Curtains

When your curtains come down from the ceiling to the floor, it will make your bathroom appear bigger and more inviting. Installing shower curtains is probably something you can do on your own, but when in doubt, call for help.

3)  Choose Light Paints

When painting the walls of your bathroom, you want to pick lighter colors to brighten and widen the design of the bathroom. Neutral colors like white or even bright yellow are an excellent place to start. Painting is a simple thing you can do on your own to help the design of your bathroom.

4)  Shelving

A great way to design your bathroom is to add shelving. Since the bathroom is small, there may not be a lot of space. Therefore, adding shelving can help provide storage for some of your items or to showcase some decorations. Installing a shelf is pretty easily done on your own. Although, if you have many shelves to install, it may be easier to call for help.

5)  Tiled Shower

A great way to bring out the best design for your small bathroom is to add shower tiles. Tiling your shower will add uniqueness to the room and help to liven things up a bit more. You can choose a color that pops to make a statement. Tiling a shower can be tricky, so it is best to call the professional on this one.

6)  Medicine Cabinet

Again, in a small bathroom, there is limited space. A way to counteract this problem is by installing a medicine cabinet so that you can fit all your essentials into one place that’s out of sight. Installing a medicine cabinet may be tricky, so getting professional help may be essential unless you are knowledgeable about what you are doing.

7)  Patterned Floors

Another way to design the best small bathroom is to install patterned flooring. You can choose colors that stand out to liven up the room and make it more colorful. Installing patterned floors may be something worth leaving to the professionals.

There are many ways to help create the best design for your bathroom. Now, go and get to designing to enjoy your new space!

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