What Is Online Telehealth Therapy?

Online telehealth therapy is slowly becoming an integral part of our day-to-day lives due to modernization and technology. It is more convenient and plays a major role in helping you manage and treat your mental health.

Online therapy also known as telebehavioral health is the provision of healthcare services to patients remotely via telecommunication. Its main aim is to aid patients to receive healthcare from minor to manageable situations. The process can moderately create self-assurance in managing a patient’s condition.

This is administering therapeutic care to a patient in the comfort of their couch at home. It simply entails a therapist giving counseling remotely.

It is more advisable to take your counseling sessions in your home in a place whereby you feel the most comfortable for flexibility and effectiveness. Due to lifestyle changes, it is vital to keep your mental and emotional state in check.

Benefits of Online Telehealth Therapy

  • Therapy treatment is flexible and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Parents who are seeking therapy sessions and cannot find babysitting care can be able to go through their appointments in the comfort of their homes.
  • Persons entangled in the legal proceedings can access therapy treatment without violating probation or house arrest.
  • Individuals suffering from chronic ailments or disabilities can receive treatment at their homes.
  • Therapists might sometimes be out of reach or out of town hence it becomes easy to conduct their therapy sessions remotely with their patients.
  • Online telehealth therapy is important to patients who are undergoing health conditions that hinder them from going to face-to-face appointments.
  • Telehealth therapy eliminates travel expenses that would have been incurred by the patient going to meet the therapist.
  • The diversity of accessing different therapists who are not close to your physical location gives you exposure to find and interact with the best in the field.

Online therapy is conducting therapy sessions with patients who are not in the same physical location as the therapists. The therapists often offer tailor-made packages to suit the needs and state of the patient involved. The internet is the main support of online therapy as it offers a broad network whereby you can easily link with the therapist.

For telehealth therapy sessions to be effective, an internet connection of whichever form, whether wireless or wired from both ends must be established. The most preferred telehealth therapy technology method by both patients and therapists is video conferencing. A secure link is established to ensure that the conversations remain private and confidential.

An alternative technology method for online therapy is audio conferencing. It works in the same way as video conferencing the difference is the lack of the recipient’s visual capabilities.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a telehealth therapist include the following:

  • Preference: To narrow your search to therapists offering to suit your preferred needs you must narrow down to the decision whether you prefer online telehealth or in-person therapy.
  • Costs: Currently most insurance companies have started expanding the coverage for online telehealth therapy, it is vital to counter-check the particulars of your insurance plan if it can cater for the cost of the sessions and so on.
  • Privacy: Online therapy requires a private and quiet place to perform the therapy sessions.
  • Internet Speed: Telehealth therapy requires fast enough internet to support audio or video sessions, you can experiment with the speed test of your internet to see if it suits your intended purpose.
  • Access: In case you live in a residence in a remote or rural area, it is easier to find a professional online therapist rather than finding a local in-person therapist.


Online telehealth therapy is a path toward good mental health. As a patient, you should be open to experiencing different types of therapy. The best plan of action is to find a personal therapist that you can trust. It will be easier to share with your therapist from the comfort of your home that emotion that you felt difficult to open up or share at their office.

Research has it that people who receive online therapy are more pleased and engaged and make as much progress as those experiencing in-person therapy.

Telehealth therapy has proven to play a very important role in the mental health space and hence it will maintain its presence among the people for quite a long time.

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