What Is Non-Duality? Here Is All You Need To Know


Non-duality has been a topic of discussion among believers and non-believers alike. Achieving it seems difficult if not impossible. However, it has been proven to offer peace as well as a sense of fulfillment to the one practicing it.

As per studies, a rising number of people in London accept non-duality and apply it in their lives. What is non-duality ? This is a question that is easier to answer than to explain. The truth is, the reply lies in all of us, our emotions.

As we shall see in the article below, non-duality offers a better and more practical way of life. With the right environment as well as training, even you can experience the unexplainable state of completeness that it provides.

What is Non-Duality?

Non-duality is a view that teaches that everything exists as a whole. Though many people think of themselves as single entities with the power to do as we want, non-duality teaches that there is no self, no space, no time, and no me, and that everything is an illusion.

It is, in fact, a translation of the Sanskrit word ‘Advaita,’ which basically means ‘not two.’ In essence, Oneness. It also points to the vital oneness of life, a wholeness that exists at this particular time, and denotes how we are nature and nature is us. We rely on it and cannot live without it.

Non-duality is a belief system that also highlights the unique love and intimacy that exists within the world and everything in it.

Can You Experience Non-Duality?

Anyone can experience non-duality. Experiencing it means creating or cultivating a state of non-dual awareness. These states are full of possibility, tranquil and open, and free of any judgment.

The simplest way to experience non-duality is through meditation. Looking for a tranquil place and freeing yourself of any distractions is a proven way to be at one with your mind.

Granted, it is easier said than done since the mind is its own master. It does not accept the view of non-duality, since it cannot grasp the idea of the world being a creation of the mind and five senses.

However, after days of practicing and concentration, you can tap into your innermost and clear your thoughts as you focus on connecting with the outer environment.

Besides meditation, you can find a teacher or someone else with the skill to pass on the knowledge to you.

How Long Will it Take Before I Can Experience Non-Duality?

There is no specific timeline. Every individual has a unique pace of learning. It takes months for some people, while others a year, yet others take this spiritual path all their lives. The ultimate determining factor, however, is how much time and energy you put into it.

For a more effective learning process, it will help if you do not record the number of days you are learning. Allow yourself to enjoy the process and relish every minute. By keeping a record, whether mental or written, you put pressure on your mind and lose focus of what you were trying to achieve in the first place.

You should also rest more and strive to be in high spirits regardless of your situation. If possible, have a specific time pattern for meditation so your mind and body can adapt to it.

What are the Benefits of Non-Duality?

Over the years, non-duality has done more good than harm to those who embrace it. Some of the specific advantages of practicing the Advaita principles are:

  • It promotes a sense of humility since you realize that you are not self-sufficient
  • It promotes inner peace and joy
  • It creates a state of awakening that opens your eyes to truths that were previously concealed
  • It brings a feeling of calm
  • It helps you divert attention from yourself hence, you are able to empathize and fully appreciate the world around you

Is Non-Duality a Religion?

With all the above positive results that non-duality yields, it is understandable to think that it is a religion. Come to think of it, it uses terminology that is specific to certain religions. Well, it is not. Neither is it some belief system. It merely aims to guide an individual to a better way of life.

However, many religions such as Hinduism have accepted it and made it a part of their teachings. Many individuals have also chosen to live by its teachings and work towards using it to improve themselves and their mentality.

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