What Is CNC Machining All About?

Each month more than 50,000 people in this country alone search for the keyword ‘CNC Machining near me’ and this is an industry which is growing at an alarming rate. Whilst CNC machining is not particularly new, the emergence of the technology around 3D printing has given the industry a new lease of life and a wider audience which it will serve. Many of you have been asking lately about CNC machining and about 3D printing and today we are going to give you a high level view of what CNC machining is, where it is used and why it has become so much more popular.

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How Does CNC Machining Work?

CNC stands for computer numerical control and to give you the basic explanation it is a manufacturing process which sees pre-programmed computer software dictate the movement of tools and machinery. In order for this to work the computer needs to first recognize where the cuts will be made in the material, which will already have been programmed into the computer. Now there are some challenges here because the computer will assume that the material is flawless, yet there may be slight possibility that it is not. The machine will then be loaded with the correct cutting tool for the material and then the cuts will be made. Programs are inputted into the computer using punch cards which all have various types of code that indicate what the machine will do in terms of creation.

What Is CNC Machining Used For?

This type of machining is used for an enormous range of industries and in the main it is used to create custom parts and pieces for a range of tools and machines. From the auto industry to mining, agriculture to manufacturing. Where there is a desire for custom parts this is the technology which is used. This technology is used for wood router, embroidery machines, turret punchers, wire banding machines, glass cutters and cylindrical grinders amongst many more. The biggest breakthrough that we have seen with regards to this technology and its use has been the arrival of 3D printing.

Right, What is 3D Printing About?

Whereas the technology was previously only used to cut 2D objects, the emergence of 3D printing has given this technology a brand new lease of life. Using 3D printing we can now create things that we never thought possible and there has even been some printers which have been designed using CNC machining that have actually been able to print homes, somewhat remarkably. The future with regards to this technology is very bright indeed and we can expect to see some amazing things happening in the future.

CNC machining is very much at the heart of just about every piece, part and machine that has been made across the world. Any more questions feel free to get in touch below.

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