What Is an Opinion Essay? A Detailed Guide for Writing a Perfect Piece

You’ll encounter different kinds of assignments in school, from case studies to essays. Essays are the most common and are divided into various categories. Sometimes the instructor will specify what type essay you should write, but other times you’ll have to carefully assess the prompt to determine the kind of essay to compose. One type of essay you’ll come across is the opinion essay. Let’s explore what this type of academic paper involves and how to write it well.

What an Opinion Essay Entails

Expressing one’s outlook without depending on hard facts generally makes up an opinion essay. Students should only put up a solid argument to support their take on opinion essay topics. Views presented in opinion essays are usually wholly inclined to what the writer thinks and why they should decide to take that line of thought.

Everybody has an opinion about everything, and putting it in writing is an essential skill every student should build to write the perfect opinion essay. Once one learns how to write an opinion essay, they are less likely to get help from the best essay writing sites.

Essential Requirements of Opinion Essays

An opinion assignment requires writers to depend solely on their outlook on opinion essay topics. Other papers, such as persuasive essay and illustrative papers, often need an individual to build arguments and content around external facts. Contrarily, an opinion essay only requires the writer to tell the reader what they think about a specific issue. If you are still unsure how to write an opinion essay, here’s a compilation of essential requirements.

Give a Relevant Answer

The relevance of the discussion to the opinion essay topic is a primary requirement achieved by being straightforward when answering the prompt. So the main tip on how to write an opinion essay is to stay relevant to the prompt.

First Paragraph Indentation

If asked to write an opinion essay, don’t stray so far away when it comes to formatting. The first paragraph has to be indented to indicate that it is the introductory part.

Clear Thesis Statement

Start the paper in a direct and concise not to keep the reader in the know of what their take will be about the topic from the onset. Therefore, a thesis statement has to be clear and inform the reader of the writer’s stand.

Official Language

Are you asking yourself, “Who can write my essay in an acceptable academic language?” Well, maybe you need to master grammar construction. Formal language enhances the seriousness of an academic paper and helps articulate points easily. Using the first person may be unnecessary since the reader already knows the author. Observing the appropriate language includes avoiding the following:

  • Contracted words
  • Idioms
  • Fillers
  • Slang
  • Too subjective words

Structuring Opinion Papers

Most students may get ponder on how to write an opinion essay while, in essence, it is straightforward. An Opinion essay structure resembles that of most common essays students write. Let’s review an appropriate structure to use.


A good anecdote, an anonymous statistic, unpopular and robust thesis statement are among many elements that make a catchy introduction for an opinion paper. If you still struggle with an opinion essay structure, you can review opinion essay examples to get a clear glimpse of what to write.

Discussion Paragraphs

Expound on the points highlighted in the intro. Identifying issues to include in the body segment is often challenging when writing an opinion essay structure. However, to make it easier, one should use their thesis as a reference point to generate solid arguments. The body should also discuss any counterarguments if required.


For an opinion essay conclusion, draw a rational conclusion from the intro and body and direct it to your outlook on the subject matter. Highlight the primary evidence to jog the reader’s mind on the number of issues discussed.

Top Things That Should Not Miss in an Opinion Article

Opinion papers should comprise some essential ingredients to achieve their purpose. So pay attention to the following opinion writing items.

Coherent Opinions

The outlook given on the subject matter is the main answer to the question. Therefore, you should be more logical and concise when answering the prompt. The reader should tell your stand without giving it much thought. Simply put, get right into the opinion paper by letting the reader know your stand.


A good opinion essay aims to gather different people’s insights on a particular subject. Therefore, crafting an informative article should be at the top of a writer’s goals. Not everyone will agree with the opinion, but someone may share a similar view. So ensure it is informative and fresh. Explore all angles of creative writing to create unique content.

Formal Tone

Just because opinion essays require one to give a personal opinion doesn’t mean the paper loses its formality. So a writer should avoid using informal words and phrases to boost the paper’s credibility. Also, it is crucial to find a balance so that the assertion doesn’t come out as too stiff. Embrace different writing styles to achieve a semi-formal tone.

Things to Avoid In Opinion Papers

You should defend your viewpoint well by making your assertion easy to understand. And to achieve that, you should avoid elements that lower an academic paper’s quality, including the following.

Writing in the First Person

Phrases such as “I think” and “I believe” are usually unnecessary. It is okay to dive into presenting the vital points that support one’s opinion without using such statements to introduce an outlook. The reader already knows that the writer is expressing their thoughts. So using such phrases may count as redundancy.


Before settling down to write an opinion essay, it is vital to take some time to comprehend and generate points around the subject. Creating an outline helps one understand the topic better and take a direct approach to handling the prompt. Remember, your opinion is supposed to be brought out throughout the whole paper; this can all be possible if one is straightforward. First, state the stand clearly, then build arguments about the main philosophy.

Straying Away From the Subject

Opinion essays give the writer much freedom; it can be hard to contain oneself around a specific subject. It is good to stay within the constraints of the issue. So if you notice you are going beyond what is required, try and find the bearing so that the paper is not disorganized.

Easy Steps to Craft a Good Opinion Essay

Composing a perfect opinion essay requires a systematic approach. Everything needs to be planned well to achieve a smooth opinion writing process. So how do you do it?


Before taking further steps into opinion writing, it is essential to deliberate on the subject and build random points that can contribute to the discussion. Analyzing the topic helps with comprehension so that one does not stray far from the issue when writing. Take down some points at this stage and use them to create an opinion essay outline.


When undertaking research, ask yourself pertinent questions to help form an opinion and create a suitable opinion essay format. After developing an idea, find points, examples, and supporting evidence to support the view. The research stage may not be the easiest, but it will be worth every single time spent on it since, from there, crafting the essay should be much easier.

Find relevant counterarguments that will not discredit the main opinion. The counterarguments can also help in building the primary arguments. It is also okay to find past opinion essay examples for reference.

Prepare a Rough Draft

A rough draft containing the opinion essay outline is crucial in giving direction. Also, referring to the draft gives the writer a better opinion essay format and makes it easy to remember all the points gathered during the research stage. The draft should highlight precisely what every paragraph will discuss for better organization.

Revise the Draft

The revision stage is where one checks the sentence construction and fact presentations. You can tell if the essay aligns with the prompt and if the flow is appropriate through revision. Check if there are any unnecessary words and if the tenses have been used correctly. To make the revision stage even more effective, it is okay to read the paper to friends and colleagues to get their take on the issues discussed and read that need correction.

Final Thoughts

An opinion essay involves giving your school of thought on a particular matter and expounding on why you have decided to go with that specific perspective. It allows the writer to explore various angles of the topic. Unlike a persuasive essay, which is limited to writing around specific external facts, an opinion article is more open. However, that freedom comes with the responsibility of restricting yourself to the subject matter, which can be achieved through proper research, creativity, and coherence.

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