What Is an EB-3 Visa, and Why Should You Hire a Lawyer for the Application Process?

Are you a professional, skilled, or unskilled worker looking for employment opportunities in the USA? The EB-3 visa program might suit you as it allows you to seek employment based on your education, training, and experience.

Like all other visas, there is an application process, validity period, and yearly caps.However, the entire process will seem pretty complicated if you first apply for the EB-3 visa. One will require guidance for understanding the various methods, eligibility requirements, and other related details.

Instead of doing everything alone, hiring a law firm with experience in immigration law and its various facets is a good idea. The employment immigrant lawyer will guide a person through the process, making it as stress-free and convenient as possible.

The attorney will also help people with any complications that may arise during the visa process. But before folks proceed, here’s some information they will find helpful.

How many EB-3 visas are issued every year?

According to statistics, 42,821 visas were issued in 2020 and 40,876 in 2019 by the US Department of State. Figures also show that professionals, skilled workers, and unskilled workers comprise about 28.6% of employment-based immigrant visas.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Skilled workers

Skilled workers are those people with two years of training, certification, or job requirements as determined by the labor certification. The job should also not be of a temporary or seasonal nature (employing for a minimal period).

Relevant post-secondary education also fulfills the training requirements. The work should have a scarcity of qualified workers in the US.


An individual should possess a US baccalaureate (a university bachelor’s degree) or a foreign degree equivalent. However, having a degree is insufficient since an individual must have the necessary education and experience.

One should also meet any other requirements as mentioned in the labor certification.

Unskilled workers

Individuals under this category should have the skills and physical ability required to perform unskilled labor. Any work requiring less than two years of training fits the definition of unskilled labor.

However, the work should be permanent rather than lasting for a few months or a season. The applicants must possess a labor certification and any other requirements mentioned in the labor certification.

What is the application process?

Since people will be arriving in the USA on the recommendation of a petitioner (who is their employer), they should file Form I-140, Immigration Petition for Alien Workers.

In the form, your employer will mention details like your name, contact number, petition type, information regarding your last arrival in the US, mailing address, declaration, signature, Interpreter’s Certification, etc.

Why should a person hire a lawyer during the application?

It is better to hire a lawyer as fellows might encounter complications or difficulties during the application process. For example, one may face eligibility issues and overcome inadmissibility concerns (such as previous criminal convictions). Folks must gather the required documents, ensure they are filling them correctly, or provide additional evidence (as proof of their employment qualifications).

One may have previously applied for this visa and faced rejection. That can complicate one’s present work visa application, for which their attorney will provide helpful advice.

Having a lawyer by your side also increases your chances of selection as they will guide you with gathering and submitting accurate documents.

Before applying, you should know the eligibility requirements, application process, and other details. You must hire an attorney to help you during the process since you never know what complications you might have.

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