What is a disintegrator machine and how is it used?

There’s no denying that technology has made humankind’s life easier and more organized. Earlier, tasks that used to take a hefty amount of time are now done quickly and efficiently. The constant evolution of technology is believed to transform the coming age like nothing else. You are going to read about a machine like that which is used in the commercial sector and make difficult tasks easy.

Disintegrator Machine, a machine that has a built-in high-speed beater, is used to break down and ground raw materials in appropriate sizes. It is ideal for grain processing, spice processing, and any form of grinding. The disintegrator machine comes with high spinning beaters that pulverize even the hardest of consumable materials, and these beaters are durable and deliver optimum results for an extended period. The size of the machine is generally large, and they are installed mainly in commercial sectors like factories where production is required to meet high demands.

The mills are committed to offering the best quality range of Disintegrators Machine, and the operation is carried out by the skilled workers. Experts design these products with the utmost precision, sincerity, and hard work. Such machines are manufactured to grind a large quantity at one time and, therefore, found in several industries. These machines are made of stainless steel and are required to conform to and maintain international standards. The machines are very affordable, but only a professional person can provide the installation service since a layman would not know how to assemble the parts of it.

The disintegrator machine is well-designed, durable, and easy to use. These are suitable for rough grinding of soft and medium-hard mineral materials. The main shaft is the only moving section that does not need to be changed. This main shaft performs on ball bearings and contains swing like hammers. The replaceable screens regulate the product’s fineness and help you in keeping the fineness of the material to suit your preference and liking. You could easily replace the mesh screens if required. All parts of the machine’s body are made up of replaceable hard alloy liners where wear and abrasion are expected, but it won’t affect the life of the machine. The grinding is accomplished through the effect of hammers on the lining mounted in the body.

Features: –

  • Suitable for pre-crushing material to the appropriate mesh.
  • Suitable for grain processing, spice processing, and any type of grinding.
  • Within the unit, beaters spinning at high speed pulverize material pumped into it.
  • Optimum performance.
  • Longer lifespan
  • Perfect for both soft and hard materials.
  • Steel construction.
  • Rust Proof finish.
  • Less wear and tear.
  • Excellent dust collection device.
  • Vibration less process.
  • Cost-saving base.

This Disintegrator Device, integrated with proven and used technology, is commonly found in factories where the grinding of materials into the appropriate sizes is required to produce the final product. After grinding, it discharges the materials at the bottom to ensure that all the dust is collected in a separate system to prevent air pollution, therefore making it environment-friendly. Once the grinding is completed, this unit can be attached to the conveyor or material handling device for product movement. This device has a body made of steel and is generally used in various sizes, forms, and display types.


Different sizes

Disintegrator machines are available in various sizes with different output and power consumption capacities.

The beaters

The beaters are made with steel alloy and treated with heat. Their tips are made of hard alloy.


Two types of screens are available.

  • Iron screens: iron bars are welded for heavy work in a steel frame.
  • Plate screens of perforated steel kept in the M.S. Iron frame. They are suitable for light work and fibrous fabrics.

Machine’s choice

It should be kept in mind that the medium size disintegrator is more suited for smaller and denser work. For rough grinding, the larger sizes are more appropriate.

For isolating a fine mesh material, it is easier to add a coarse screen and then move in rotary shifter (if necessary). Screens that are extremely fine are useful to separate materials that have fine residue. If used continuously, they limit the output so they should be stopped at regular intervals. The disintegrator comes with a set of hammers and a pair of monitors mounted in the device.

If you are about to set up a factory, then it is essential to consider your purpose and decide if a disintegrator machine can fulfil it since it is a huge investment. You should also have a list of brands ready beforehand that sells disintegrator machine so that you make the most use of it without having it to break down every now and then.

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