What Do You Need To Learn About Dentists – Employment Law In 2019

Employment law issues have always been a complex task that dental practitioners or practice owners struggle to abide by federal and state laws in an effort to lessen. There are several things that you need to know about 2018 employment law.

What should be the responsibility of dental office with respect to employment law?

When evaluating fundamental employment law issues, the objective of each and every dental office has to prevent unlawful repetitive practices. As they have the power and money, there is a bias against employers.

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Dental practice legal-related problems can encompass a wide range of issues that may require the assistance of a professional regulations lawyer, as you can learn more here. Dental malpractice claims may arise when a patient alleges that a dentist provided substandard care, resulting in harm or injury. Professional regulations lawyers can help dentists navigate these claims and defend their professional reputation.

Employee Handbooks

Every practice needs to have an employee handbook. This handbook should specify expectations and rules to clarify policies. It also makes sure that employees are well aware of them. In absence of a handbook, it is tough to prove the presence of the policy and that the staff members understood it.

A professional regulations lawyer can assist in drafting and maintaining employee handbooks for dental practices. Your lawyer customizes the handbook to the dental practice’s unique needs, addressing policies and procedures. This customization ensures that the handbook effectively manages employees and complies with federal, state, and local employment laws specific to the dental industry.

The lawyer can also include and explain non-compete and non-solicitation clauses, establish termination and resignation procedures, and provide guidance on creating fair and effective dispute resolution procedures.

Compensation Plans

Just as the job application is important, an employee compensation plan also holds a lot of importance. It should not be overlooked. For the compensation plans to be binding, it has to be in the form of writing.

Practices that provide a commission structure or a bonus offering should have this provision of presenting this plan (in writing form) to employees. Employers should also make sure that not just the plan but also modifications to it need to be in writing.

A professional regulations lawyer is instrumental in designing and managing tailored compensation plans for dental practices. These plans, essential for attracting and retaining skilled professionals, are ensured to comply with labor laws, such as minimum wage and anti-discrimination regulations.

The lawyer also navigates complex healthcare-related laws if applicable, negotiates employment contracts, establishes clear performance metrics, and offers dispute resolution guidance.

Collaborating with dental practices, they craft legally compliant compensation plans that align with the practice’s unique needs and contribute to a productive work environment. Click on mycasesource.com to learn more about how lawyers navigate complex healthcare-related laws.

Arbitration Agreements

It is advised that all dental offices should use a binding “arbitration agreement” as a mandatory part of their personnel policies and employee handbook. Arbitration agreements need to be essential for all probable employees and not just those who aren’t hired.

By including this arbitration provision in job application, it ensures that candidates who were not recruited by the practice will be needed to admit to arbitration on “failure to hire” claims. While a few states may need the employer to compensate for the arbitration, it is a smart plan for owners of dental practice to get an arbitration policy in place.

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation needs to be provided in a timely and consistent manner. While enormous workloads may make it tough to deal with such evaluations, employers who fail to conduct performance reviews on time may have to face serious repercussions. It may be difficult to dismiss problem employees without providing them notice for their poor work quality, inefficiency and inconsistent patterns of offering performance evaluation.

Exit Interviews

Practices that perform exit interviews have to ensure that they are conducted each and every time a staff personnel exits the organization. Along with providing industry and market-based information, exit interviews also assist companies to defend them in lawsuits started by employees.


It is significant to make sure that each and every law in the dental employment law policy is consistently followed and all tasks are properly documented. A fair and a reasonable management are inevitable to accomplish this objective.

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