What Constitutes A Qualified And Reliable Milk Hauling Service

There is a fine visible link between the milk producers and milk processors which is filled by means of transportation, provided by Milk hauling companies. The milk producers provide the service of raw milk which is transported through tank trucks and tractor-trailers to the various processing units which are in need of the same. Not just the milk transport services, safety is as well offered and guaranteed by the companies, which in terms has a direct and proportionate effect on the value of dairy products.

 How Important is the Milk Hauling Vehicle

When the milk hauling began, the haulers used all kind of stake bodied trucks or a horse-drawn wagon which would be enough to carry at least 10 gallons of milk, which would be relocated to the reload stations or the processing units. They were used for quite a while, for the trucks served as a multipurpose vehicle which would also serve various needs such as ices, eggs, freight or at times furniture.

The further chains underwent a change and the cans turned out into bulky tanks. Tankers came into the system as the reloading facilities stopped, which resulted in the need for these bulky tanks in order to accommodate the huge demand for milk.

As far as the quantity of the trucks is considered, the capacity of the trucks in the earliest stage was 200 to 250 cans which can be roughly translated as 2500 gallons. This was further updated in the year 1960s and 70s when the capacity was somewhat of 400 cans as in 1000 gallons. But now, you shouldn’t be surprised to find a high capacitated truck as that of 7200 gallons.

If we talk about the types of vehicles used to haul milk, at present, there are 3 types of famous vehicles. These vehicles are used in the process of assembling all the raw milk from various farms and further on delivering them to their destination processing facilities. They are – double axle trucks, triple axle trucks and lastly tractors. A great number of axles represents greater capacity and hence, triple axle trucks are capable of hauling much more gallons of milk than a double axle truck. For instance, a triple axle truck can haul around 5,500 gallons of milk, which is equivalent to 22,680 cups in a gallon.

 Can you trust your freight provider?

We, at FreightLinxs, provide Milk transport services which are a lot more than just a driver driving your orders as per the instructions. We consider the services we provide a lot more than our responsibility which forces us into taking every aspect into consideration and this includes assigning some great deal of responsibility to the milk hauler. The services do not include personally lifting the cans and placing them to and from the trucks but comprise of other services.

The milk haulier’s list of services includes being a driver, the person who weighs the milk being carried along with the sample of the milk which is loaded in the truck. The shipper is also our contact person, the one who markets and buys the milk being transported. We make sure each and every activity carried on by us is done with great precision and consideration, with the possibility of a flaw.

What makes a milk transport service qualified?

Milk transport services have become a different field of specialization in itself. This is because the demand for them has increased immensely and they act as a necessary link that has an impact on the dairy industry. However, so are there the necessities with the services which must be fulfilled by the haulers. Haulers in present times are required to have a fully-fledged technical understanding and not the physical strength of carrying gallons of milk. The hauler has to be well versed with the safety requirements of the food which in this case is milk, sanitary standards set by the law, most importantly proficiency on weights and measures are very important to carry on the services with utmost dedication, in order to fulfil the required task.

However, there are certain kinds of issues which are often experienced by the milk hauler, which have no solutions and hence, the Distributor has to work together with the carrier to ensure the transaction goes as smoothly as possible. These include government regulations that are most considerable with driver’s hours along with weight limits, retaining skilled drivers, frequent farm pickups, extended waiting time and lastly determining the right rates which the milk producers must be entitled to.

About us

FreightLinx has one mission, and it is to add value to the freight industries. We understand the importance of seamless communication in freight services and how an inadequacy of it can impact the transporting services. We make use of the latest innovative technological solutions to guarantee utmost transparency throughout the process. Whether you are a shipper or a carrier, we aim at optimizing a carrier loaded miles strategy so that both the party’s requirements are met alongside great competitive rates.

Why choose us?

At Freightlinxs, our mission and vision are clearly defined, which allows us to clearly focus only on the most advantageous options for our customers. The cherry on the top is the experience we have in this field, which makes us a pro. We have our own set of stories about the way our company has evolved just as technology has in the past years. We have three generations of experience to be precise and our journey is a perfect reason to portrait how we have entered a new phase of evolution in the freight and food transportation market. Working with us will be working with a set of professionals who are forever dedicated to keeping themselves updated with advancing technology.

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