What Causes Diarrhea in Dogs?


Being a dog owner isn’t easy, and it can be quite challenging, especially during times your canine friend isn’t well. The dog owners need to be careful and vigilant about their dog’s behavior to identify when things don’t feel right. It would help you know exactly when you need to take your dog to a veterinarian to ensure the problem doesn’t grow more prominent. Dog diarrhea is one such common health issue among dogs. However, it is crucial to understand that diarrhea is an indication of an underlying health issue.

If the dog diarrhea lasts for more than a couple of days, the root cause may be more significant than just an upset stomach or digestive tract. Even though diarrhea can be suppressed by medicine, the dog owner and veterinarian must strive to get to the root cause of why it occurred. Here we would discuss some of the common reasons why diarrhea occurs in dogs.

Diet Changes

When you change the diet of your dog, one of the most common reactions you can expect is constipation or diarrhea. The dog’s body and digestive system may take a few days to adapt to any diet changes. The best way to avoid such a reaction is to introduce the new diet to your pet dog slowly. Introduce the components of the new diet in smaller proportions to the existing diet. Increase the quantity of the new diet ingredients in meals gradually with time. It gives the dog’s body enough time to adjust to new food and doesn’t cause the digestive system to go into shock.

Bad Eating Habits

Bad eating habits in dogs are another leading reason behind dog diarrhea. Dogs don’t think twice before putting something in their mouth. Ingesting spoiled food, garbage, debris, feces, and other inedible items can cause diarrhea and may cause accompanying stomach pain as well. Diarrhea may also occur when your dog overeats regularly. Overeating can lead to gastric issues, which, in turn, can cause stomach pain and diarrhea. Make sure that you control and watch the diet of your dog and do not keep on giving snacks frequently. Stick to a meal schedule for your dog and ensure it gets the proper nutrition it requires to stay fit, healthy, and active.

Food Intolerance

Some dogs suffer from food intolerance, and it causes constipation, gas-related issues, and diarrhea. Most of the dogs have a low tolerance for foods that are dairy-based and rich in fat or gluten. The sensitivity towards these foods differs in dog types, and you must be aware of how sensitive your dog is to certain foods. It would help keep health issues such as stomach infection, dog diarrhea, and other severe health issues at bay.


Food allergies can cause an adverse reaction in dogs, one of which may be diarrhea. The severity of allergic reactions may differ, but if your dog is not relieved of diarrhea even after 48 hours, checking with the veterinarian is essential. The dog owners need to find out which food is causing allergy to ensure that food is eliminated from the diet.

There are many other reasons why your dog may be suffering from diarrhea, including consuming foreign objects, parasitic and bacterial infections, consuming toxic plants or substances, reaction to a specific medication, and more. Consulting with the veterinarian is vital to start the diagnosis timely before the health issue causing diarrhea to grow further.

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