What Can You Cut With A Laser Cutter?

Laser cutting is a technology that allows some metals as well as some non-metallic material to get with extreme precision. For laser cutting, different types of gases are used depending upon the type of material that needs to be cut. For general cutting, co2 gas is typically used, and for the materials that need high-powered laser pulses, neodymium gas is used.

Laser cutting can be used to cut various kinds of material. These materials can range from acrylic, wood, paper, foam, and even stainless steel.

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There are several advantages of laser cutting, and some of them include:

  • Reduced chances of contamination of the material
  • Laser cutting offers a greater degree of accuracy
  • Reduced chances of warping of the material
  • More energy efficient as compared to plasma cutting
  • Less physical damage to the material

Following are some of the applications of laser cutting:

Laser cutting is used in various manufacturing processes around the world, and it is used in different industries, which include aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical sector. So, let’s look at the various things that you can cut with laser:

Laser cutting of metals:

One of the most common and basic applications of laser cutting is to cut metals. The lasers can be used to cut different types of metals like steel, Tungsten, Nickel, and aluminum. No matter how thick the metal is, the laser will cut it with extreme precision and smooth finishing. You can see the metal cutting using the laser in automobile industries when they try to make the body parts of automobiles. The metal cutting property of laser is also used in hydroformed parts. These are the long tubes that are used to provide support. For example, this can be used to make frames and instrument panels.

Cutting of reflective metals:

Do you know laser cutting can also be applied to cut reflective metals? Yes, in addition to cutting reflective metals, it can also be used to create different complex and intricate shapes.

Laser cutting for packages:

Laser cutting is also used for cutting different shapes for the packages. Where the laser helps to cut different shapes that can be used to make packaging boxes or bags.

Cutting of Silicon:

Silicon is a very important metal that has applications in a number of industries. This is used in the solar industry, microelectronics, and semiconductor making. And you can’t underrate the application of laser cutting in these industries. The laser cutting enables the silicon to be cut with utmost precision that was not possible with earlier machinery and technology.

Cutting of ceramics:

Laser cutting is also used in the cutting of ceramics. Due to its thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, ceramics are used in different industries. And to get the most benefits out of ceramics, laser cutting has played a vital role.

Cutting of non-metals:

Yes, it’s true! Laser cutting can also be applied to cut non-metals like polymers, carbon composites, plastics, and rubbers. All these non-metals have multiple uses and applications in different industries, and the laser cutting has helped a lot by cutting all these non-metals with maximum precision and without any wastage.

Used in laser surgery:

Not only metal, non-metals, and wood, laser cutting can also be applied to cut human tissues. Laser cutting has been used in the medical sector for a long time now, and it has provided multiple benefits to hospitals and clinics. Laser cutting is one of the most innovative technologies that is being used in the medical sector, and doctors and clinics can’t do much without it. Due to its smooth precision and amazing capability, it is now used to perform most of the complicated surgeries that need precision.

Used to cut gemstone:

Laser cutting not only has an industrial application, but it is also used to make different jewelry making process. It can be used to cut diamond and gemstones that are used to make different kinds of jewelry pieces. You can’t think of any sector or industry where laser cutting is not used today.

Today laser cutting is used to optimize different processes, applications, and production. It is being used in almost all types of industries. Some of the industries that make use of laser cutting technology include electronic, automotive, metalworking, woodworking, printing, packaging, and also HVAC industries. Most of the industries today can’t work precisely without the use of laser cutting.

When you need efficient, and just in time cutting of any kind of material, laser cutting can be your ultimate savior. The old-age primitive machines did not have so much capability and precision to cut different metals and materials as laser cutting has made possible.

Thus to increase the accuracy and effective cutting of any material, all you need is laser technology. No matter which industry you belong to or which process you are following, laser cutting technology can be your best friend when you want any material to cut with precision.

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