What Can We Expect from Disney Plus?

It might have been a long time coming but Disney Plus is finally up and running. Originally announced back in 2017, it is not until earlier this month in November 2019, that the new Disney streaming service was finally launched. Currently, only subscribers in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Holland can enjoy what is on offer but most major European countries will be expanded to by March 2020.

So What is Disney Plus?

Think of it as your family-friendly version of Netflix or Amazon Prime. Disney, as you might expect, has built up quite the collection of cartoons, movies, animated movies, and even television series’ over the years.

Viewers will be able to subscribe and have access to this content that they can then stream to the devices of their choosing.

How Popular is Disney Plus?

Well, it is still early days with the streaming service only being available in a handful of countries right now. That said, more than 10 million people signed up on launch day and many millions more have done since. Once the service is rolled out fully across Europe in countries like the UK, Germany, and France, we are sure that this number will grow massively.

What are the Costs Involved?

To subscribe to Disney+ alone, subscribers have the ability to pay $7 per month or pay for a full year upfront for $70. There is more, however, as Disney now owns ESPN+ and the movie streaming site Hulu as well. In order to give even more value to their subscribers, it is possible to get all three in a bundle for $13 per month.

What Devices Can be Used to View Disney+?

Just about any device that can connect to the internet will be able to enjoy the content available at Disney Plus. Mobile users on iOS and Android can download apps while PC users can access it through their web browsers. Additionally, Roku sticks, Chromecasts, Amazon Firesticks, and smart televisions will also be able to enjoy this streaming service. Even Playstation and Xbox users will not miss out on the family-friendly action.

Is Any New Content Planned?

Yes, as well as being able to get your hands on most of the work that Disney has been behind in the past, there is plenty of new stuff to look forward to as well. Frozen 2 and ToyStory 4 are just two highly anticipated movies on their way. Additionally, fans of the Star Wars franchise will be happy to hear that Episode IX will be added once it is finished in cinemas.

Worth the Subscription?

Well, this depends on how much you enjoy watching Disney movies and shows. It is is very family-orientated so do not expect to watch much that is for the eyes of anyone above the age of 16. If you have lots of kids around this streaming service is perfect. Besides, there is nothing stopping you from subscribing to other streaming services that you can enjoy when the kids are in bed.

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