What Are The Possible Risks of HBOT?

What concerns should anyone who wants to invest in HBOT have? Should you have any particular concerns to be mindful of? The utilization of oxygen therapy is steadily gaining popularity due, to its effectiveness and increased recognition. However individuals may not readily embrace the concept for motives.

One of the concerns people have about HBOT is safety. Go online and you would find many misinformation about HBOT. Some of those information has only put paid to any ambitions people would have had concerning buying the machine. So, what do you need to know as a potential investor?


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not accessed anywhere else apart from inside an HBOT chamber. The space inside the chamber has been designed to meet the user’s needs. Some people are afraid of enclosed space. This set of people cannot stay inside a dark room all by themselves.

The hyperbaric chambers manufacturers are well aware of this fear. So, they took a step to allay those fears. What they did was to design the machine with clear acrylic to make the person inside the chamber comfortable. The acrylic makes it possible for the person inside to see what is going on outside.

Lightheadedness or Fatigue

There have been several reports of HBOT users attesting to feeling lightheaded after they had an HBOT session. This is, however, not a secret because HBOT manufacturers make it known that you are likely to feel weak after every session. It is not out of place, and does wear off after a while.

Experts recommend that you quickly have a word with any medical professional should the lightheadedness continue for longer than usual. They will be in the best position to revise your sessions, and advise you on how best to go about them.

Low Blood Sugar

There have been rumors of people having their blood sugar level reduced inside an HBOT chamber, particularly people who suffer from diabetes. This treatment is meant for people with extremely high blood sugar. Such users have to be put under tight supervision so their blood sugar levels can be properly monitored. That way the blood sugar will not fall to dangerous levels.

Experienced HBOT users have opined that having a meal just before a session can prevent the reduction of blood sugar. Not only that, doing this can alleviate potential post-treatment symptoms.

Pains Around the Eye and Trauma Feelings

These are also possible side effects that users have reported in the past regarding HBOT chambers. The eye pain caused by hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been attributed to the possible change in eye lens caused by the higher pressure inside the chamber. Although the pressure changes can cause shortsight problems, it has proven to improve the sight of aged people.

The alleged lens adjustment is not a permanent thing. The eye lens can readjust to their normal sizes weeks after the session. Only a handful of people whose eye sight were not reversed have been reported so far.

Sinus Pain

Side effects stats recorded show that this is the second commonest complaint. This sinus pain is also not unexpected because the machine works with higher atmospheric pressure. When there is a buildup of pressure in the sinuses, it could affect the overall balance in the ear.

The sinuses become swollen due to the pressure imbalance. Facial pains can arise from the sinuses blocking the nasal passage. Steps should be taken to balance the pressure in the sinus, so it does not lead to other complications.

The good news is that the aforementioned symptoms are not common and you can even have them fixed with a simple spray if it ever arises.

Tooth Pain

A random study was carried out  on HBOT users that complained about teeth pain. The study revealed that people with holes in their teeth were the ones mostly affected. This pain is normally close to the root region. This is usually occasioned by decompression and compression of the teeth. A dental crack can result from excessive pressure buildup inside the tooth.

You can prevent any dental anomaly be having a dental checkup and examination before the session. HBOT medics can handle that for you. Or discuss with a regular dentist before undertaking any therapy.

Lung Pain

Lung pains are a potential concern for those with underlying health problems. So, you do not have anything to worry about if you completely healthy. Getting an overinflated lung is one thing to watch out for. The lung leaking into the blood vessels is not a good sign as well.

The solution to this is ensuring you use the HBOT according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not stay inside for longer than the prescribed duration, so you can prevent pains in your lung.

Oxygen Poisoning

Too much of everything is bad. Therefore, it is not surprising to see people talk of too much oxygen in their system when they access an HBOT chamber. They complain of extremely high concentrations of oxygen being too much for their bodies. This is a distinct possibility.

You are supposed to get well when you spend time inside an HBOT chamber. But if you overdo this by spending long hours inside, you may end up doing yourself a disservice.

Oxygen poisoning does not happen because you go inside the HBOT chamber daily. It does happen due to over-exposure to high concentration oxygen.

It is also important to state that this is not a common experience among HBOT users. Anything that accompanies oxygen poisoning normally wanes with time when the person is done with the session.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy does have some side effects one may need to be wary of. This is particularly so when you have underlying health issues. It is also good to note that most of the effects mentioned here are not common. So, chances are that you may not experience any of the above when you access an HBOT chamber. Finally, consult with your doctor and use the machine in line with instructions, and everything will be fine.

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