What Are the New Age Ways to Renew Your Bike Insurance Policy?

A bike is the modern-day solution to beat the ever-increasing traffic woes. Passing through narrow spaces to cruising on highways, it is an all-in-one travel solution. But won’t you keep your bike secured if that is such an important part in your travel? Well, a two wheeler insurance is your companion to ensure the safety of your bike. Be it natural calamities, man-made damages or even accidents, it ensures complete protection for your prized possession.

Often individual purchase an insurance plan at the initial purchase, but skimp renewing it on time. While accidents and uncertain and do not always occur, it pays to be prepared for such situations. Also, gone are the days where you had to wait in long queues at the insurer’s office. Now, renew your policy at the convenience of your home. This article enlists some of these ways where you can renew your policy from your couch itself.

Online approach

Digital revolution has brough about significant changes in the entire process how insurance used to be. Once a physical-only or in-person process, is no longer a requirement for two wheeler insurance renewal. Using internet technology, you can now conveniently renew your two-wheeler policy. If renewed before expiry, often insurance companies do not require an inspection of your bike. Further, you can also customise the coverage at renewal date. This way, any amendment if required in your policy can be made without having to explain it to your insurance agent. As there is elimination of insurance agents, the payment gets through to the insurance company immediately and your policy renewal has virtually zero lag. There is immediate confirmation of payment from the insurer in your mailbox and the renewed coverage starts the moment your existing plan expires. Further, any amendments with regards to change of vehicle or other personal details can be made online by logging in to your account. It eliminates the hassles of submitting documents to the insurer lengthening the process.

Mobile applications

Similar to the online mode, mobile applications are the new trend. Leading insurance providers have their own mobile application wherein it can be used to manage the policy details including its insurance renewal. It is akin to online mode with the convenience of a mobile application built specifically to manage all your bike insurance woes. The precautions that you need to take as well as the information that is required to be furnished to the insurer isn’t much different that you would otherwise be required via online platforms.

These are two new ways of renewing your two-wheeler insurance policy. But if you are unsure of switching to online or mobile applications, the good old physical process is still available. A prominent difference between the old and modern ways are the policy details which are no longer required to be furnished to the insurer. The insurance companies have your data saved, all with the help of simple mobile OTPs.

Note these differences and make a smart move by switching to electronic mediums of renewing your insurance cover. Not only it saves time and energy, but also offers convenience to complete the process at your own pace.

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