What Are Some Common Types Of Diagnostic Errors?

One of the most common reasons for which a medical malpractice claim is filed is mistakes in diagnosing a disease which in turn results in harming the patient. If a patient is harmed due to a diagnosis-related issue, then an expert like Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein can help you in getting compensated for your losses.

When it comes to diagnosing disease, there can be several types of diagnostic errors which can occur, let’s have a look at some common ones.

Wrong diagnosis

It is common for many diseases to have similar symptoms and it is very important that the doctor pays careful attention to them so that they can diagnose with accuracy and then take to correct course of treatment. However, there can be chances that a doctor is not careful enough and fails to diagnose correctly and pick the wrong disease. So, if a doctor zeros down on a wrong disease, then they will of course take the wrong route for treatment which might end up harming a patient more than making them healthy.

One most common example for this will be when the symptoms of a heart attack are diagnosed as meer anxiety or indigestion. This wrong diagnosis can prove to be fatal for one’s life as they will not be able to receive the emergency care that is required.

Missed diagnosis

Many times patients are not careful about observing their symptoms, however, when a doctor fails to recognize the symptoms and doesn’t notice them at all, they might simply tell a person with a serious disease that they are fine. This can prove to be very dangerous for a person’s life.

Delayed diagnosis

What happens is that the doctor diagnosis the right disease, however, they are late in diagnosing it and should have caught it earlier. And this delay can be fatal for the patient and also might mean that they will not be able to get proper treatment because of that delay.

Not diagnosing another disease

For a patient to have more than one diseases, which might or might not be related, the treatment can also have an impact on one another. So, it is very important that the doctor notice is the symptoms correctly and get the required tests done on time.

These are some common types of mistakes in diagnosis that are involved in medical malpractice claims.

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