What are corporate gift hampers

Corporate gift hampers are a perfect way to bring appreciation to your customers and employees for the work you have done together. Besides being an expression of kindhearted gratitude to the recipients, thank-you gifts also have a marketing role that helps to strengthen your relationship with your clientele. Read on to know more about this type of gift.

What are corporate gift hampers?

A business gift typically features a basket full of goodies that you are offering to your business partners or customers on holidays to show your appreciation and fond thoughts about them. Since it is a formal gift, the basket is stylishly designed to look fancy and appealing. The products are arranged in an eye-catching way and adorned with decorations to ensure the recipient feels the deep sentiments of kindness and gratitude you have put in this gift.

It is common to offer thank-you corporate gifts on holidays, like New Year and Christmas. However, you will not be mistaken if you decide to send a gift hamper to your clients on an ordinary day to thank them for a successful business deal or just to show that the flame of your collaboration is still burning and has prospects for growth.

What does a hamper gift consist of?

Most corporate gifts consist of food and beverages. These products make sure the recipient will enjoy the gift, since nothing brings more satisfaction than the taste of a fine wine, exotic fruits or luxury chocolate. The baskets can be made of a single product, like a champagne collection, or be a combo of goodies to make up for a premium corporate holiday meal, including beverages, snacks, cheese, fruits and candies.

The size of the basket depends on how many people will enjoy it and the level of your appreciation for the relationship with the recipient. It goes without saying that the more precious the partner is, the more expensive and scrumptious the gift will be. Sometimes, the policy of the recipient company may forbid gifts consisting of alcoholic beverages, so it’s important to consult its human resource department to agree upon an acceptable gift.

The role of corporate gift hampers

The primary goal of business gifts is to thank your clients for the fruitful collaboration. It is a way to show them that you keep your relationship close to your heart and would like it to grow and flourish in the future. Besides, businesses use thank-you gifts as a marketing strategy to keep their clientele loyal and willing to keep the cooperation alive. Because of this, most businesses choose to offer gratitude gifts to their biggest partners and most profitable customers, as they are more valuable to them and to the business growth.



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