What are amber teething necklaces? Here is all you need to know!

If you have children or have had some experience around them, you must be aware of teething necklaces. Many parents believe that Baltic Amber teething necklace can help babies with the pain during teething. Surprisingly enough, they aren’t to be used as toys or even to be chewed, rather just to be worn.

As a parent, are you struggling with teething issues of your child? Like many other parents, have teething toys been off no help to your child’s pain? Are you curious of what they are and how they are used? Are you concerned about their effectiveness? If your answer to the above questions is yes,here is all you need to know about Baltic amber teething necklaces.

What are Amber teething necklaces?

Amber teething necklaces are necklaces that are made from Baltic Amber or by tree raisin which is fossilized. It is believed by many parents that they are a good way to help your child reduce the pain of teething. There are, of course, reasons why they are believed to be effective.

How amber teething necklaces work

As many believe, Baltic Amber is made out of fossilized tree raisin. It is said that amber contains succinic acid, which is released when the amber is warmed. Supporters of amber teething necklaces say that when these are worn, the body heat warms the amber and releases succinic acid which then gets absorbed into the skin.

It is believed that succinic acid is acts as a natural analgesic which relieves pain and provides a boost to the immune system as well as reducing inflammation. Nonetheless, not all agree with this view and some suggest that there is no empirical evidence and that this is just a word of the mouth.

Ways to keep your baby safe when using the teething necklace

While myths may say otherwise, many believe in the effectiveness of the use of amber necklaces to help in the teething process. Regardless of what others believe, if you ever choose to use a Baltic amber teething necklace, make sure to keep in mind the following tips to keep your baby safe.

  1. Supervising your child

When you make your child wear the necklace ensure that he/she doesn’t go out of sight. It is very important to supervise your child when he or she is wearing the necklace. Make sure you remove the necklace when you aren’t around to supervise because it can be dangerous, even if left unattended for a short while!

  1. Ensuring the right size

One thing to note is to ensure that you get the right size necklace for your child which is neither too tight nor too loose. When worn around the neck, it should not be long enough that the child can bring it up to his/her mouth. You should keep that in mind to avoid any problems.

  1. Take of the necklace when your baby is sleeping

Whether it is a day nap or a night sleep, make sure the necklace isn’t around your child’s neck when he/she is asleep as it may involve certain risks which no parent would like to take.

  1. Make sure your child doesn’t chew the necklace

Yourchild can use alternative teething toys, but make sure that he/she doesn’t put this necklace in his/her mouth using it as a teething toy. For teething toys there can be other alternative like teething biscuits.

  1. Choosing the right teething necklace

If you plan to buy a Baltic amber teething necklace and get maximum out of its benefits, you will need to ensure that, what you are choosing is real Baltic amber. What you need to ensure here is also that the stones are unpolished and raw so that the acid in the amber can escape when it comes in contact with the body.

Where to get the best Baltic amber teething necklaces

When you plan to buy a Baltic amber teething necklace you may need to consider the factors above, yet you need to find the right place which you can trust. While many would prefer buying such products directly from stores, buying them online wouldn’t be a bad option considering that you find an online store which you can rely on.

Among the many stores that provide a good collection of Baltic amber teething necklaces is Balticproud.com. Like several other stores, this online store has a great variety of teething necklaces at very reasonable prices. The site also provides customer reviews that you can easily view to see whether the customers are satisfied with their services.

FAQ’s about Baltic amber teething and their suggested answers

Here are some common questions often asked about these teething necklaces.

  1. How can amber help with teething?

Teething is always an issue among young children,and it has been a major area of concern of parents. Many parents have tried using teething toys, but they aren’t much of a help, so amber teething necklaces are used as an alternative and has shown positive responses to this teething issue.

  1. Do amber teething necklaces actually work?

A new tooth is always an issue for children and equally a concern for parents. If you’re someone looking for natural solutions to the teething issues of your child, amber teething necklaces are a perfect option.

  1. Is amber safe for babies?

There have been questions raised on the safety of the use of amber for children. Many of these have been found to be on mere assumptions which have been proven false. Yet, a parent you have all the right to question and understand what amber products really are and to know their safeness for your child.

Baltic amber teething necklaces, regardless of the contrary views, are believed to be an effective way to help your child in their teething phase yet the about safety measures must be followed to get the best results and maximum benefit of these Baltic amber teething necklaces.

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