What Amazon Softwares Do FBA Sellers Use?

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, and an FBA seller is someone who sells something using the Amazon website. Most of these sellers will display their commerce on Amazon and also allow Amazon to manage their outsourced inventory.

For all of this management to work smoothly, you need to have a good software system in place. This will allow you to create automated orders, and reduce errors through lag or poor display.

So what software should you use?

Cerebro Helium 10

Our first suggestion is from the Helium brand. Our information is mostly obtained from this Cerebro by Helium 10 review. Project FBA has some great insights into the service.

To break it down for you, Cerebro is one of the services included in the Amazon Software Suite. Once you purchase this package you will have access to the software.

Its main design is to use the reverse ASIN lookup tool. This means you can input a product number and then receive all the keywords associated with that product. This is what your customers are searching for, when they land on your product.

It’s a basic but necessary tool to help you reach your target audience. It doesn’t matter if you are new to FBA selling or an old hand, we suggest using this software.

Amazon Seller Central App

The app is another must-have. The display is easy to read and easy to navigate.

A relatively recent update has made some important changes. Now, you can see all the information you would expect from the website, on your phone. You can manage your inventory, watch your units sell, get updates for specific changes that you are watching, and see your overall growth.

The basic stats, control, and movement are all available on this app in an easy-to-understand format.

Keepa Chrome (Add-On)

Now we are moving away from the necessary software and into the helpful software. Keepa is an “add-on” for the web browser Google Chrome. If you don’t use this web browser, you will not find the software.

Keepa creates graphs of your products and their selling habits, as well as the competition. With this data, you will know when to put your items on sale, and when to invest in something else.

When you enter into a new market, this add-on can easily show you what to expect from the product’s sales, who your competitors are, and what price you should realistically set.

As we said before, this software isn’t a necessity, but if you are expanding your business it is a great help.


As your business expands, monitoring your competitors will become complicated. They might change their prices daily, or could be responding to an outside source that you are unaware of.

Using RepricerExpress, you can set parameters and allow your products to change prices automatically.

For example, you can ask the system to watch a specific business, and ensure that your price is 1% cheaper than theirs. If all other competitors drop out, you can add in a setting that automatically puts your prices to the maximum they can go, knowing that your customers have nowhere else to go.

One of the best parts about this software is that it finds your competitors for you and offers you a plan to compete with them. You can allow the changes to happen automatically, or you can ask for alerts and handle the changes manually.

When price watching starts to become a large part of your business, we suggest using RepricerExpress to reduce your workload.

eDesk Feedback

If you are using your own website which redirects the customer to Amazon or allows them to shop using an amazon link, then we suggest installing eDesk. This feedback software created a popup for your customers, allowing them to enter into a chat. The chat thanks the customer for ordering the product and asks them to leave a review.

This prompt is more likely to produce feedback than leaving the customer alone. With the feedback, you will understand the praise and concerns from the other side of the computer, and this data can help you create a better customer experience.


Each of these apps is perfect for FBA sellers. They help create readable data, find realistic competitors, and use professional software to promote happy customer interactions.

If you have just started your journey, you should use Cerebro Helium 10 and the Amazon Seller Central App. As your company grows, the other software options will become more useful.

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