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The food you consume consists of macronutrients and micronutrients. While micronutrients are required in little amounts, it is the macronutrients that are the building blocks of your diet. All the food you consume consists of three macros: carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. Tracking your macro intake is very important because it reflects the nutrients that the food is providing to your body. Web.com Reviews believes that it is vital to understand what you are eating if you want to be on a healthy diet.

The Reasons

Here are some reasons why keeping track of macronutrients is essential:

  1. It reflects the potential of your food-When you are tracking your macro intake, it is not only the calorie consumption that requires monitoring. Calories focus more on quantity, while macros reflect the quality of the food you are eating. If you are only counting calories, you could let yourself indulge in unhealthy sugary and fatty food and not include fruit and vegetables in your diet. In contrast, monitoring macronutrients encourages you to eat a wholesome diet that contains all the necessary nutrients.
  1. Balance of all nutrients– For a healthy diet, you have to ensure that the food you consume consists of a proper balance of all three macros. To fuel your body with the necessary amount of all macronutrients is vital for a healthy body. Thus, you should consume enough carbs, protein, and fat that will provide the right amount of nutrition and energy required for the body to function well. For the proper daily count, you need to consume a healthy dosage of each.
  1. Enhances weight loss– Keeping track of the right macro ratio helps you to achieve your weight loss goals, which cannot happen just by counting the calories you consume. However, the macro ratio differs from person to person depending upon various factors. If you wish to lose weight, you might increase your protein intake. It helps you to feel full while cutting down on your carbohydrate consumption. To build lean muscle, you may have to increase your carbs to have more energy throughout your weightlifting sessions.
  1. Weight maintenance-You may have achieved your weight loss goal, or you may not be concentrating on losing weight at all. In both cases, you must maintain your weight as it is. For this, you must keep track of your macro intake. Most people opt to have a moderate amount of carbs for weight maintenance with a nearly equal balance of protein and fat. All you need is to keep your body fueled while maintaining your weight and strength.
  1. Helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle-In this age, when more and more people are suffering from diseases like diabetes or heart ailments, we need to track our food quality to suit our individual needs. Macronutrients are called essential ingredients because we need them to survive, and our bodies cannot make them. To have a healthy ratio of all is necessary to keep diabetes in control and heart diseases at bay.


Tracking your macros certainly helps you to feel in control of your nutrition. Web.com Reviews thinks that it works to keep track of your daily eating habits and be mindful of what you eat to maintain a healthy body and mind.

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