Ways to Speed up your WordPress Website Fast

The first and foremost thing to know is the reason behind speeding up WordPress website. For your WordPress website, speed really matters a lot. It is proved by various studies and researches that the website owner has approximately 7 seconds to let someone see your content. For sake of swaying the people to stay on your website, 7 seconds is a very short period of time. So, the website owners must adopt the strategies to speed up their sites so that they could get the maximum chances to attract the users to their content. A slow website will let the user leave, even before it loads completely. On the other hand, all the search engines have adopted a strategy to put the slow website down in the search results, to penalize them. So, the fast speed has become really very important for your website in every aspect.

Install WordPress Cache Plugin:

The first thing you need to do is to install a caching plugin. The pages of the WordPress website are dynamic. What does that mean? It means that these are created on flutter whenever a visitor visits your page or any post on your website. In this entire scenario, WordPress in intended to go through a process to find, manage and display the required information to the visitor. This is not an easy job as it looks, definitely, it involves a number of steps that will slow down your websites, especially at the times when lots of users access your website at a time. This is a major reason why installing a WordPress cache plugin is necessary. It will let you speed up your websites up to 5 times approximately. There are a number of plugins available and you need to select the one with care. It is not a difficult job and the visitors will definitely feel the difference when you are done with it.

Optimization of images:

One of the best ways to give life to your content as well as to boost up the engagement of the people is images. A number of studies have shown that the colored images help your site to bring potential visitors. But one thing should be kept in mind that if the images are not optimized, they could have instead negative impacts on your website. Usually, the beginners face the issue of non-optimized images that causes their website to slow down because of this reason. Read more at Linkedin Lead Generation Software.

So, it is necessary to optimize the images, using some software, before uploading them to your website. This will for sire help you to decrease the size of your huge-sized photos up to 7 times. For the beginners of WordPress, two image formats are suggested i.e. PNG (usually for simple images that don’t have lots of colors in it) and JPEG (for the images that have lots of colors).

Best Practices for WordPress Performance Optimization

Now at this stage, you have installed caching plugin as well as optimized your images, you will notice improved performance of your site but to make it faster, you will definitely require to utilized a number of best practices, listed below. All these tips are really simple and are not technical at all.

It is Necessary to Keep WordPress Site up to Date:

WordPress must be updated on a frequent basis. Each and every update adds the latest features as well as assist in resolving security bugs and issues. WordPress plugins and themes might have also frequent updates.

So, it is the responsibility of every website owner to update WordPress theme and plugins as well as the whole site. If one will not take care of this, the site will become slow, unpredictable and will definitely become exposed to safety threats.

Splitting the Comments into Pages:

If your WordPress site is having lots of comments, loading all the comments will definitely take time and will slow down the speed of your website. You should go to settings, and choose ‘Break comments into pages’.

Make use of CDN (Content Delivery Network)

The location of web hosting server could have a great influence on the speed of your site. The utilizing content delivery network will help you to accelerate the loading times for all users, no matter from which location they belong.

Make Use of Theme Optimized for Speed

Special attention must be paid to the speed optimization while choosing a theme for WordPress. The best choice is to select the simplest theme and utilize quality plugins for getting the desired features.

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