Ways to Help Immunocompromised Individuals During COVID-19

There’s no question that the last 18 months have been a trying time for all of us. However, while virtually every person on the planet has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, few have been hit harder than the immunocompromised. Even in the best of times, these individuals have to be extra careful about getting sick, and given COVID-19’s highly infectious nature, this pandemic has been a particularly challenging time for people with compromised immune systems. Fortunately, there are numerous steps you can take to help immunocompromised friends, family members and strangers through this difficult period.

Get Vaccinated

There’s no better way to help the immunocompromised people in your life than getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Unless a medical condition prohibits you from receiving a vaccine, make sure to get this taken care of at your earliest possible convenience. While the currently available vaccines shouldn’t be viewed as invincible miracle cures, they do exactly what vaccines are meant to do – i.e., prevent serious and fatal cases of the virus they were designed to fight. So, if you live, work or regularly interact with people whose immune systems are compromised, vaccination should be among your foremost priorities. If you refuse to get vaccinated, you have no business being around these individuals and placing their safety at risk.

In stark contrast to many other parts of the world, getting vaccinated couldn’t be easier in the United States. Vaccines are administered free of charge at a broad assortment of pharmacies, popup clinics and medical facilities, so neither accessibility nor affordability should hinder anyone looking to get vaccinated.

Encourage Others to Get Vaccinated

Vaccination is particularly important for immunocompromised individuals. So, barring a medical condition that makes vaccination unsafe, people with weak immune systems should get their vaccines as soon as possible. If any of the immunocompromised people in your life are expressing vaccine hesitancy in response to weaponized misinformation peddled by certain political figures and media outlets or arguments made by acquaintances who possess no understanding of medical science, make an effort to correct their thinking.

At the present time, no one (save, of course, for people suffering from one of the aforementioned medical conditions) should be walking around unvaccinated – especially individuals who are immunocompromised or immunosuppressed. Not only does being unvaccinated dramatically increase one’s risk of infection, it increases the likelihood of developing a fatal case of COVID-19 should infection occur.

Run Errands for Them

Venturing out into public can be a risky proposition amidst an active pandemic, especially so many unmasked and unvaccinated individuals continuing to make a bad situation even worse. That being the case, you may want to consider taking care of important errands for friends and family members with compromised immune systems. For example, if they need to purchase groceries, pick up prescriptions or attend to any other essential errands, going in their place can be a boon to their continued wellbeing. Of course, to maximize your personal safety, take care to don a mask and take advantage of curbside pickup options. You can also help immunocompromised people in a broader sense by taking part in charitable causes, like jumping on the opportunity to donate blood.

Teach Them About New Technology 

A fair number of elderly people suffer from compromised immune systems. Additionally, since many of them aren’t well-versed in new technology, they often take unnecessary risks, like going into crowded stores and pharmacies. In the interest of curbing the spread of the virus, an extensive number of businesses have begun providing curbside pickup options to customers who shop online. So, if any seniors in your life are unfamiliar with how to take advantage of such offers, take care to show them the ropes – or simply do their online shopping for them.

Going through life with a compromised immune system can present a bevy of challenges. Unsurprisingly, these challenges have only increased in number since the arrival of the novel coronavirus. Although everyone runs the risk of COVID-19 exposure, immunocompromised individuals need to remain ever-vigilant in the face of this ongoing pandemic. So, if you have any friends, neighbors or family members whose immune systems are compromised, why not take steps to help them out? Putting forth a little bit of time and effort can go a long way in making their lives considerably easier.

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