Warning Signs Of Bed Bugs And How to Get Rid of Them

Bed bugs are a serious problem. These parasites feed on people, and their bites itch like crazy. Once you have an infestation, removing it is extremely difficult. Be on the lookout for the following warning signs.

Small Itchy Bites Covering your Body

When bed bugs bite, they bite a lot. They come out at night to feed, and they will always leave more than a mark or two. If you wake up in the morning with clusters of bites anywhere on your body, it is time to investigate whether or not your home has bed bugs.

Dark Stains on your Sheets and Pillows

Bed bugs are messy insects that leave stains behind wherever they live. Check your sheets for small, rust-coloured spots that have bled into the fabric. Sometimes, bed bugs leave stains in other places too. However, they will always be in the vicinity of your bed or some other piece of furniture.

Small Flakes in your Bed or on your Clothes

Bed bugs have hard shells, and while growing, they cast off their casings. The casing will be small, oval-shaped and brown. If this is the only symptom of bed bugs in your home, it is unlikely that you have an infestation.

Brown Stains that Smear

Bed bugs are gross, and they poop on your bedding. If you encounter clusters of brown dots that smear on your sheets, that means you have a high chance of bed bugs. These same spots can appear along your mattress seams, or on your box spring edges.

When in Doubt ask for Help

Identifying a bed bug problem can be a tricky business. Infestations start small, and the signs are less obvious. However, smaller infestations are simpler to eliminate. When in doubt, call a professional pest control company to come and inspect your property. They will be able to tell you with certainty whether your symptoms point to bed bugs, or something more benign.

Fixing the Problem

Any of these signs can mean you have a bed bug infestation. The good news is that these pests can be driven out of your home. Try the following tips and remember, you can always rely on professional pest control for guaranteed results.

Get Rid of Infested Items

Bed bugs like to live in your furniture, and they have no problems spreading from one item to another. Furniture can be treated to kill anything living in it. Other, non-treatable items should be sealed in plastic for up to a year to kill off any bed bugs. Whenever you use your vacuum cleaner, seal the bag inside as tightly as possible and throw it away after each use. If you have anything that cannot be treated or sealed away, you must throw it away responsibly. Also, make sure no-one else is tempted to pick up your infested furniture for their home.

Heat Kills Bed Bugs

Bed bugs cannot stand the heat. If you find bed bug casings and droppings on your sheets, try putting your bedding in a tumble drier and setting it to 50 degrees Celcius or higher. After a 20 minute cycle, any bed bugs in your sheets and pillowcases will be dead.

Cold Also Kills Bed Bugs

If you have a freezer capable of reaching -18 degrees Celcius, you can use it to kill bed bugs. Killing bugs with the cold takes longer than with the heat, so you need to be able to store any infested items in your freezer for four days to ensure any bugs are dead.

Try Pesticides

You can buy bed bug bombs at a variety of local stores. These are a more serious option which must be handled with care. Before using any form of pesticide, be sure to carefully read the label and follow any instructions exactly.

Hire the Professionals

The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to let people who have professional-grade equipment and years of experience take care of the problem for you. Getting rid of bed bugs is incredibly difficult when you do it alone. If you miss a single piece of infested furniture, then the problem will not go away. Try contacting https://www.excelpestservices.com and discuss your situation with one of their representatives.

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