Walgreens NNN for Sale: How to Find Investment Opportunities

Triple net properties, popularly called NNN, are one of the best real estate investments due to several reasons, including long-term passive income, minimal responsibilities for the landlord, and low risk.

If you’re conversant with commercial real estate, you’ll be familiar with the NNN leases.

If you wish to purchase Walgreens NNN for sale, you must already be aware of its benefits.

However, finding NNN properties is a different ball game, seeing as many websites with triple net listings don’t offer filters to enable you to find triple net-worthy properties.

Don’t worry! We have done the job for you.

This guide will help you find Walgreens stores to buy. But before then, let’s briefly examine what NNN is all about.

What Is an NNN Lease?

An NNN lease is a type of property investment where the tenant takes the responsibility of running the property’s operating expenses, besides the rent.

Otherwise called triple net investments, each N or net represents an expense category that the tenant will be responsible for besides their rent.

A commercial property’s operating expenses are divided into three categories; maintenance, insurance, and taxes.

An NNN lease implies that the tenant will take on all the property’s operating expenses, which means the tenant carries the major share of responsibility.

Tips on Finding the Best Walgreens NNN for Sale

The following tips will help you find the best Walgreens NNN for sale if you seek to diversify your investment.

  • Choose a Prime Location

Combining the right location and tenant has a significant impact on whether your Walgreens NNN investment will remain a good one.

A good location is as good as a good tenant.

Consider buying Walgreens NNN for sale in prime and visible locations, possibly close to highways, retail outlets, grocery stores, fast-food restaurants, or gas stations.

A prime location can be an area where the tenant is typically successful.

For instance, Walgreens stores are majorly in cities, which is its niche market.

  • Find a Creditworthy Tenant

One thing you’ve got to consider before anything else is whether the tenant is creditworthy.

A credit union or bank’s leverage amount, which it’s willing to lend, is often attached to the tenant’s creditworthiness.

The stronger the tenant’s credit score, the higher the leverage.

When it comes to getting a commercial mortgage, you’ll need to secure the best financing terms and earn the highest return on investment (ROI) and cash-on-cash return (CoC).

As such, you’ve got to find an investment-grade NNN tenant with a BBB S&P rating, like Walgreens.

A tenant’s creditworthiness also influences the investment’s long-term reliability.

More so, the best tenant isn’t only creditworthy; they also offer vital services or products and have a history of being profitable in every economic climate.

A perfect example is Walgreens. This tenant supplies quality yet affordable medical supplies and continues to thrive regardless of any economic downturn.

Presently, it’s pretty easy to notice how essential need-based services and products are to consumers and their advantages to these tenants like Walgreens and their landlords.

  • Business Type

Before buying an NNN for sale, consider the business type. That way, you can discover the long-term potential and assess the value of the NNN property.

Besides the need to focus on the location while choosing an NNN property, you’ll need to consider the business type popular in that location and buy those offering steady potential regardless of the state of the economy.

What does this sentence imply?

You’ve got to consider more recession-proof properties, such as Walgreens, which will continue to draw business even in slow times and economic downturns.

Walgreens portfolio for sale is one investment you’ll buy that will hardly depreciate regardless of any economic state.

How Do I Find the Best NNN for Sale?

You can find NNN investments like any other type of commercial property through online listings on websites like Buy NNN Properties or via commercial real estate brokers.

Besides using a professional NNN investment broker or expert websites, your options for seeing triple net solid investments are too slim.

You can’t simply drive to any property and request to talk to the property owner about it or get lucky sending direct letters to the ownership.

NNN investments are explicitly targeted to a particular audience, triple net investment groups, or other brokers.

If you’re interested in finding Walgreens NNN investments, Buy NNN Properties has lots of experience in this type of investment through years of working with investors from different parts of the country and would gladly help you with your purchase.

What’s more?

Walgreens property management can help you manage the property so you wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining the building.

The Best NNN Investments

Some new investors in triple net properties often ask what the best NNN investments are.

The best NNN properties are those that suit your criteria.

That’s why it’s crucial to conduct your research on the different lease structures and tenants out there to understand better what you’re about to get yourself into.

However, I recommend Walgreens as the best NNN investment out there because of its wide popularity and the benefits attached to their lease.

However, you’re free to check online and decide which one you can opt for.

While there are several other potential NNN investments, I advise new real estate investors dabbling into NNN properties to make Walgreens their first choice to avoid regrets.


Whether you’re a seasoned or new investor, investing huge amounts of money in commercial real estate like triple net investing is a vital decision that needs extensive planning.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on getting a share of Walgreens’ surplus real estate, would you?

Hopefully, by utilizing the tips mentioned above, you’ll be on your way towards acquiring a responsibility-free Walgreens NNN for sale that fulfills your financial goals and provides long-term income while affording you lifestyle freedom and a stable return.

What more can you ask for?

However, you’ll need an NNN investment expert. At Buy NNN Properties, our advisors have years of industry contacts and knowledge and utilize it to find what our clients that wish to invest in triple net investments are looking for, thereby streamlining the purchase process and helping with negotiations.

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