Vaping Vs Smoking

Vaping and smoking are two different things, and the significant difference in both of them is how the nicotine gets delivered through each of them. Cigarette usually has a burning end at the temperature of 900C, and at this point in heat, tobacco smoke gets created. Smoking entirely is based on the process called combustion in which there is the creation of carcinogenic chemicals, and these chemicals make smoking even more dangerous.

Instead, Vaping doesn’t include any burning of chemicals, yet it heats its essential ingredients and turns them into aerosol vapors.

What is vaping?

Vaping means inhaling the water vapors in the lungs. Vaping most probably is the best way you can enjoy smoking with electronic cigarettes. Vaping has done with the electronic cigarettes that are also known as e-cigs. It is enjoyable in vaping instead of using analog cigarettes to smoke.

What is the difference between vaping and smoking?

It is one of the most common points a lot of people wonder about, especially when they are thinking to shift from smoking the old analog cigarettes to vaping. People who do vape are also considering the significant differences between smoking and vaping.

People used to define vaping and smoking as the same thing as having two different names. Still, now, various studies have highlighted the difference between smoking and vaping, making them two different words having different effects and processes.

By definition, smoking is a process of inhaling burnt nicotine in the lungs that are produced by the tobacco filled in analog cigarettes. Though cigarettes don’t only do smoking; instead, you can use a pipe to get the matter inhaled to your lungs. Those chemicals, when they get turned to smoke, get entered into the human body, and they ultimately create broad effects. Those chemicals that the human body cannot absorb are spread in the environment and cause a profoundly damaging impact on it. Smoking also becomes a second-hand smoke at the same time when the extra smoke gets absorbed by the people present around the smoker, and this too affects them severely. Smoking indoors can be hazardous not only for smokers but also for the people present around them.

Vaping, on the other hand, is different from smoking as it doesn’t include burning any chemical or substance. There is no use of tobacco or nicotine in vaping. Vaping is usually done using electronic devices, which are known as e-cigs, and they create vapor mixtures using different kinds of liquids. Such liquids used in e-cigs called e-liquid or e-juice. The vapor is free from any damaging and dangerous effects when it gets entered into the human lungs. Vaping doesn’t produce any harmful consequences for the people around or for the environment.

Comparison between vaping and smoking

Vaping and smoking are two substitutes having different characteristics. Usually, people quit smoking and use vaping as an alternative for smoking. People have become familiar with vaping about just a decade ago, and still, many people don’t know about the fundamental differences in vaping and smoking.  In the context of Vaping Vs Smoking, following mentioned is the comparison of their key characteristics:

  1. Ingredients

Cigarette in its single stick has a combination of more than four thousand substances, out of which 400 are regarded to be highly dangerous for human health. Some of the most hazardous and toxic ingredients that are there in a cigarette include nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic, hydrogen cyanide, methoprene, and formaldehyde.

On the other hand, e-cigs for vaping have less harmful ingredients in them that had also used in some other day to day use products. The ingredients in electronic cigarettes include nicotine in minor volumes, flavors, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol.

Concerning the ingredients, cigarettes are prone to be more damaging to human health.

  1. Inhalation

There is a critical difference in the inhalation process of vaping and cigarette.

When a cigarette stick gets lit, tobacco starts getting burnt, and upon reaching the specific temperature, it creates smoke that is a mixture of the chemicals and the cigarette paper. One more thing that makes the inhalation of a cigarette smoke dangerous is that the paper of the cigarette stick had bleached with chemicals that can have very damaging impacts on the human body when inhaled.

On the other hand, electronic cigarettes have e-liquids in them that only start vaporizing once you activate the battery of the e-cig that is in your hand. According to recent researches, smoking is 95 percent more damaging than vaping.

  1. Odor

Cigarettes have offensively pungent smells, which are irritating to people. Especially people who don’t smoke are more allergic to such odors, and they end up having irritations.

On the other side, vaping doesn’t produce any unpleasant odors; instead, it creates pleasant scents from the flavor of the electronic cigarette you are using.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

According to several pieces of research and studies, one thing has proved that smoking is more expensive than vaping as a pack of cigarettes in routine will cost you more rather than one electronic cigarette used repeatedly with different flavors and liquids. It will make you spend less on vaping and more on smoking.

The health damages from smoking also make you spend much on your health.

What products are suitable for beginners?

Following mentioned is a quick and detailed description of products better for beginners for vaping:


Minis also called the first generation electronic cigarettes, which are the most favorable to be used by the beginners for vaping. These e-cigs have almost the same feel of tobacco cigarettes; This is why they also referred to as cig-a-likes. These are one of the most demanded and preferred e-cigs, especially for first-time users, and have the most natural feel transitions from tobacco cigarette smoking. These devices are mainly in two categories, rechargeable and disposable. It would be better to buy rechargeable minis if you have a plan to continue vaping, as this will be much cost-effective. You have the flavor options and the options of customizability in using minis for vaping.

Vape pens (mid-sized)

With increasing popularity and demand of electronic cigarettes for vaping, these vape pens are also high on demand. They have better and longer battery life, increased capacity for liquids, strong creation of vapors, and better control. These are also known as the second generation e-cigs and are mid-sized. They are larger and heavier than minis e-cigs. You always need to press the button to start the electronic cigarette to heat the substance in it.

APVs and Mods

APVs called advanced personal vaporizers developed and the latest forms of electronic cigarettes that are getting immense fame and popularity with the passing time. APVs are made of a metal box and are most substantial and most significant of all the other kinds of electronic cigarettes till now. They have maximum vaporization creation, good battery life, and enhanced options for customization. But in the meanwhile, with all these added features, MODS are highly expensive as compared to the other types of electronic cigarettes.

Why use a vaporesso starter kit?

Vaporesso starter kit also called the vape starter kit, and it is undoubtedly one of the best ways beginners can use to shift to the ultimate levels of vaping. These are the most suitable to be used by the beginners of vaping so that they test out some new things and substances before they become a part of the vape world entirely. This vape kit will let them shift towards advanced vaping processes.

A vape starter kit is simply a cost-effective way to start vaping or to taste some of the vaporizing liquids used in the electronic cigarettes as they are all included in the form of a package in this kit. Buying the juices separately for the electronic cigarette you have can be highly expensive, so this is the best way you can try different flavors and decide what your favorite character will be.

Whenever a person starts vaping for the first time, using a vape kit is highly recommended to take a right and cost-effective start.

Following mentioned are the three types of vaporesso kits available for you for starting with vaping:

  • Renova zero
  • Veporesso click
  • Podstick

Vaporesso pod stick is the most liked and preferred form of a vape kit.

Vaporesso podstick

A vaporesso podstock is a starter-level kit with an innovative process for vaping that holds two functionalities in it. It has sub-ohm and the pod system for vaping and is one of the mess-free and childproof vape kit with a proper refill system to make refilling of liquids and substances easy in it.

This kit is made up of PC and aluminum materials; this is why it is highly durable. It is a combination of lightweight yet durable and long-lasting materials so that you can always remain cost-effective using this kit for vaping.

This kit has a paired Omni board mini electronic cigarette that is the best to be used by the beginners. There is a childproofed press refill system for refilling the e-cig so that there are no messy leaks.


There are different aspects to take into consideration when it is about a comparison of vaping and smoking. But from all the similarities and perspectives, one thing is sure that smoking is highly dangerous to human health and is highly expensive as compared to vaping, which has no harmful effects to humans and is a cost-effective solution as well.

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