Useful Advice When Buying Real Estate In Calpe

So, you have decided to buy real estate in Calpe and start monitoring the market. Villas prices in Calpe seem quite affordable and comparable with other regions of sunny Spain. That is why foreign investors are rushing to put their money into spacious homes on the coast. What features to pay attention to and what specialists to contact? In this article, we will discuss recommendations that may appear useful in the process of a deal.

First thing to consider

If you have an opportunity to visit Calpe and live for a while in the chosen neighborhood, it will be perfect. A villa for permanent residence as well as for long-term rent should not only be located in a good neighborhood but have nice neighbors as well. You can buy a luxury villa, and next door may have a neighbor who every morning makes a barbecue, and in the evening grills fish 15 meters from your villa or organizes noisy parties on weekends. Or they may be people with bad habits, like smoking and drinking. It is extremely uncomfortable to live near such people. Moreover, it reduces chances of renting out.

Pay attention to the contingent and infrastructure of the neighborhood. More than once take a walk or drive around the selected neighborhood, both during the day and at night. Go to local stores, cafes, walk around schools and kindergartens. Such an in-depth investigation will get you aware of all the pros and cons of the region.

Recommendations on real estate purchase in Calpe

Here is a list of beneficial recommendations to keep in mind when buying property in Calpe. All of them are taken from the experience of buyers and aim to protect other investors from possible mistakes.

1. Conclude the deal only with the help of a professional real estate agent.

A specialist in the sphere of real estate will help to identify the pitfalls and drawbacks of the object and identify its real value. Before contacting the agent, determine the desired characteristics of a villa. It will be much easier to select the suitable housing unit if you have a clear picture in mind.

2. Identify the purpose.

Type of the object and its location greatly depend on the aim of the purchase. If you buy a villa for yourself, explore the areas close to advanced infrastructure. Buying an object for renting out and getting passive income, choose more tourist locations near popular attractions and beaches. In case of buying rental real estate, imagine yourself a tourist and think of what you would like to have in your temporary house.

3. Ask the real estate agent to estimate the final value.

There is no secret that purchase of a villa is not just paying the value of the object to the seller. Address the agent to estimate all obligatory taxes, possible extra payments and maintenance fees. It is very important to know the final value of the object and the total amount of money you need. Maybe, the sum will be high for you and you will choose some other object.

4. Monitor the mortgage programs.

If you buy real estate from a developer, you cannot choose the bank where to take on a mortgage. Purchase of secondary real estate gives an opportunity of choice. You may monitor the offers, compare the terms, and make the decision.

Spanish banks do not have any prejudices in issuing mortgages to foreign buyers. There should not be any problems with this step.

Real estate purchase in Calpe

When you get to Calpe, it’s as if you forget about time, plunging into the wonderful world of old Spain. These streets were once walked by fishermen and the land still holds many legends and mysteries. Historical sites and amazing architecture contribute to the miracle of the region. A website Spain-Real.Estate provides a great opportunity to join the magnificent place and live in your own sparkling villa.

Purchase of real estate abroad requires deep investigation and careful management. A deal is to be performed only with help of a trusted real estate agent, notary and translator. This is the case when it is better to overpay than to pay twice.

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