Uruguay’s Cavani And Suarez Struggle For Goals At Fifa World Cup

Undoubtedly, the FIFA World Cup will be a very exciting event. However, there are some concerns about how it is organized and the potential for controversy. 

One issue, in particular, has been the lack of playing time for two of Uruguay’s star players: Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani. Both have been quiet so far in this year’s tournament, with Cavani not scoring any goals and Suarez only managing one.

However, despite their impressive skills on the pitch, neither Suarez nor Cavani could lead Uruguay to victory; they were both largely muted during the tournament. This led to much criticism back home against Coach Diego Alonso for not utilizing his star players properly or effectively enough.

Some call for him to be fired due to this devastating elimination from the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Despite the lack of attention, Uruguay’s veteran players have played an important role at this World Cup. At both 35 years old, Suarez and Cavani have stated that this World Cup will be their last. After a dull 0-0 draw with South Korea and a 2-0 loss to Portugal, Friday’s matchup against Ghana may be their last chance to make an impression on the world stage.

Suarez and Cavani are two of the best forwards of their generation. Although they may not be compared to Ronaldo and Messi, they are still some of the top scorers in Uruguayan history. They were both members of the squads that advanced to the World Cup semifinals in 2010 and won the Copa America a year later. These achievements prove that Suarez and Cavani are world-class players.

The Uruguayan duo of Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani have been a massive letdown compared to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who both scored in their respective team’s wins over Mexico and Portugal.

In the second half, Suarez got off to a slow start against South Korea but was eventually replaced by Cavani. Both players had an opportunity to score when they played Portugal but were unsuccessful. This lack of scoring has drawn criticism from many fans and pundits alike.

While it is unfair to compare them strictly based on goal scoring, as Ronaldo also provides assists for his teammates while Messi often creates opportunities himself, it cannot be denied that Suarez and Cavani are not living up to expectations at this World Cup.

Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani are two of the most successful strikers in world football. However, they have not received much attention in Uruguay recently. Instead, Alonso has come under fire from critics.

After Portugal’s loss to Uruguay in the World Cup, he was questioned about his allegedly unsuccessful tactics in Qatar 2022. His more approachable style from earlier in the campaign had assisted Uruguay in winning their final four qualifiers and securing a trip to Doha.

“We have not stopped doing it (attacking) but the opposition are also playing,” said Alonso.

“That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to try. Sometimes your opponents are also competing, playing well and preventing you from getting into the positions you want.”

Luis Suarez and Diego Forlan had illustrious careers with Uruguay, but their time on the national team might end. A lackluster performance against Ghana leaves their World Cup fate uncertain.

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