UK Immigration and the New Points-Based System


Immigration is one of the most sensitive topics, tackled post-Brexit. For many years leading up to the decision, heated debates ensued from opposing sides of the government. Eventually, the new plans include adopting a points system. With the new system, it will become more difficult for immigrants to work or live in the country. True enough, the main goal of the policy is to limit or restrict the movement of so-called low-skilled workers.

An overview of the new immigration policy

According to the points-based system, anyone who wants to move to the UK for work or any other reason needs to get at least 70 points. The points earned will be based on their earnings, English speaking and writing capability, as well as whether they have an employer sponsoring their move to the UK. As such, some people think that only established or successful individuals have the chance of immigrating to the UK. Of course, it’s still wise to consult the best immigration solicitor because there are nuances to the policy, which may increase or decrease your chances of getting approved.

The effect of the new system

Every industrialized country depends on migration as it’s a critical part of the economy. In the UK, migrants have contributed significantly to the country in various ways. For example, the healthcare industry depends heavily on migrant workers to fill the gap. With the new regulation, these workers will likely have a harder time getting employed. Also, the service industry depends on workers from in and around the EU. Unfortunately, the new points-based system will limit the movement of these low-skilled workers.

On the other hand, the outlook appears positive for highly-skilled workers. If the job you’re applying for pays at least £25,600 a year, you’ll already get 20 points. Moreover, employers are keen to hire workers from other countries, especially those with experience and background in IT and related fields. To simplify, the new system wants the best of the best to immigrate to the UK.

Some critics say that this policy is undermining the true spirit of immigration. Indeed, a country that was built by immigrants shouldn’t impose a system to prevent anyone who wants to contribute to society and enjoy the opportunities the country has to offer.

Will immigrants still want to move to the UK?

There’s no doubt that the new points-based system will perhaps deter potential migrants from choosing to live in the UK. There are other countries to choose from, with equally attractive opportunities on offer. This begs the question – will immigrants still choose the UK over other countries? The answer isn’t as simple, because there are still other factors to consider. But, if you think about the available jobs, social benefits, and the quality of life, the UK is comparable to other similar countries.

Only time will tell if the new policy will lessen immigration to the UK. For now, what we can conclude is that this regulation will benefit highly skilled workers. Unfortunately, the outlook seems bleak for blue-collar jobs and other low-skilled employment, which will further hurt many businesses that depend on migrant workers.

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