Types of security guard services and skillset of professional guards

According to the latest research and statistic, construction and commercial industries have the highest rate of incidents in Australia. To protect building sites, business premises, and other potentially vulnerable locations from crimes like burglary and vandalism, it is recommended to hire a reliable LA private security company. Experts of such companies can provide a professionally trained guard dog, security services of sites and retail objects, alarm response service, or mobile patrol depending on the needs of clients.

3 the most demanded types of security guard services

Commercial. Business property and buildings are at the highest risk of being damaged or robbed. That’s why business owners allocate budget for services of professional security officers and advanced, highly technological security systems. Providing proper measures for protection, companies like UVS Group will prevent theft and vandalism that may occur on the premises reducing risks and quickly responding to a range of emergencies. Prevention of crimes, elimination of any threat, spotting of a dangerous situation, and ensuring a safe environment are top priorities for trustworthy professional guards.

Retail. The officer that protects retail business may have the same tasks as commercial security experts. However, in this sector, the most common problem is shoplifting. If a retail outlet or a store is not under the control of experts, this can greatly damage the reputation of the business, as well as cause financial losses. For private businesses, loss prevention is the key goal. Providing a safe shopping environment, guard companies will meet the priority needs of retail clients through proper methods of guarding.

On-site guards. Construction and building businesses, executing projects, need safeguarding services to protect materials, property, equipment, and tools ensuring control of safety on the territory and its surroundings. So, the role of static guards at a construction site is to monitor and report. The responsibilities also may include patrolling and inspecting, traffic control services, closing and opening of the site’s gate. The security plan is drawn up based on the specific objectives of a customer.

Main qualities of officers delivering security guard services

A guard is a person that must be well-trained and properly equipped to be able to professionally deal with any type of situation and crisis scenario. No matter whether it is a static guard, security officer handler, or a mobile patrolman, they must be able to deliver an efficient strategy and hassle-free security solutions for clients in construction and commercial industries. A reputable and competent security guard companies hire only those people who meet all requirement and possess the following attributes:

  • alertness, strong focus, and the ability not to be distracted while patrolling;
  • honesty and integrity;
  • good physical health and shape;
  • communication skills;
  • the ability to analyze and respond quickly;
  • attention to details;
  • the ability to follow the procedure and policies established by a company.

Investing in highly skilled and qualified security guard personnel is an essential decision that allows running a business successfully without losses and keeping a construction zone safe. UVS Group is a company that offers different types of solutions to eliminate a potential threat before it becomes a serious problem. The company hires only educated employers that will ensure high-quality protection of your project and provide an exceptional level of security.

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