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Seeking jobs in aged care can be a very rewarding career choice, but it’s also one that has its challenges. It can take a certain kind of individual to successfully work in aged care, as it can be an extremely demanding role.

People working in aged care may find themselves assisting in a care facility, or you could end up working within the elderly person’s home. It depends on the person’s circumstances, whether they’re able to remain in their home environment, and the type of care role an aged care worker signs up for.

This article will be focusing on some aged care jobs and what’s often required of an individual who chooses this career path.

Aged Care Job Roles

There are a number of different career paths in aged care. Each role can be both demanding as well as rewarding. Here’s a list of common aged care job roles in Australia:

  • Aged care support worker
  • Residential aged care support worker
  • Community care & lifestyle support worker
  • Care manager
  • Physiotherapist
  • Enrolled aged care nurse
  • Registered aged care nurse
  • And other roles…

The difference between an aged care support worker and a residential aged care support worker is that the first one will work in an aged care facility or possibly even a hospital, while the latter takes care of an elderly person within their home environment. A residential aged care support worker has the potential to earn significantly more money per year.

Aged care support workers are not trained doctors or nurses, but rather provide a support role and will be assisted by either an enrolled or registered nurse when it comes to administering certain medical care.

Those who choose to work in community and lifestyle care can see the individual working in residential care, aged care facilities and community facilities. These workers often facilitate social events and activities for the elderly.

A care manager is a senior role in an aged care facility and this person oversees the aged care support workers and other staff in the facility. Experience, knowledge and leadership skills are required to be successful as an aged care manager.

Just about everyone can benefit from the assistance of a physiotherapist, but the elderly are in even greater need. Many folks start to suffer from joint stiffness and mobility issues as they age and a physiotherapist can become an essential part of life for someone receiving aged care support.

Why Work In Aged Care?

As an aged care worker, you can expect a very rewarding career with immense job satisfaction. Depending on your role, experience, qualifications and where you work, it can also be quite a lucrative career choice.

You’ll develop some ongoing relationships with the people in your care and actually forge some enduring friendships. There is also a lot an aged care worker can learn from the elderly, their life experiences and the stories they tell.

One of your major goals as an aged care worker is to improve the quality of life of the people you’re charged with caring for, and there are not many jobs in the world that can provide this sort of job satisfaction. You’re making a positive difference in the lives of the people in your care.

Aged care work is a challenging role. Every day can be a little different, so you’re never likely to get bored. Some people you work with might be set in their ways and be difficult to deal with, but this also offers workers a learning curve where they can improve and advance their skills.

Attributes Required To Be Successful

Apart from training and qualifications, possibly the greatest asset you’ll need to possess is patience. Some seniors can have a very closed mind and won’t listen to advice, while others are suffering from conditions that place demands on your patience, as well as demands on you physically and mentally.

To truly be successful in aged care work, you’ll need to be a very understanding person who has compassion for others. Being a people person is a major plus in the aged care profession.

In Conclusion

A career in aged care can be very demanding, but extremely rewarding. If you believe you have what it takes to succeed, then aged care is an excellent career path to pursue.

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