Types of eyeliners

Eyeliners are an indispensable makeup accessory without which everything looks incomplete. With the rising trend of fashion and makeup, the popularity and use of eyeliners have also seen rapid growth. This has resulted in a number of different eyeliners being manufactured and for a variety of purposes. The most popular types of eyeliners include the following:

  1. Gel eyeliner

The gel eyeliner is made to have a waxy consistency and is applied using a q-tip or an eyeliner brush. This type is ideal for use when you want to ensure that it stays in place, does not get smudged, and is waterproof. The wax makes it difficult to remove so simply using water will not clean it off. You would need to rub with soap water or use your makeup remover to get it off. The waterproof feature also makes it ideal for use on the waterline.

  1. Kajal eyeliner

Kajal eyeliner is not creamy, unlike other eyeliners. It, therefore, does not get easily smudged, even when used on the waterline. To apply the eyeliner, you will need to apply a little moisture to your waterline or on the pencil itself. These are available in lead-free, herbal varieties, as well as the lead-based type.

  1. Regular pencil eyeliner

This type of eyeliner is in between the kajal (dry) and Kohl (creamy) eyeliners. This eyeliner is extremely versatile and works perfectly on the waterline. With a sharp tip, the regular pencil liner is ideal for making a cat-eye or tight-lining. This eyeliner is known to last for up to 3 hours although it is waterproof.

  1. Liquid brush tip eyeliner

The liquid liner is known to last very long and does not smudge easily. However, this means that you cannot create a smoky look that will last. It dries pretty quickly and the brush tip makes the line very thin.

Lovoir beauty products are one of the popular choices when it comes to buying makeup accessories. Its winged eyeliner stamp is an option you should consider when buying an eyeliner for your next big event. The eyeliner is waterproof and thus very long-lasting.

Eyeliners are essential components when it comes to dressing up. There is a wide variety of products available in the market from which you can choose.

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