Turtle Beach Stealth 300: Get a Closer Look At Some of the Features

The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is a great gaming headset for those who want fantastic sound quality and features without breaking the bank. The first thing you’ll notice about this headset is its striking red design, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd even when using other audio devices. It’s important to note that, while it looks good, the Stealth 300 isn’t designed as a fashion accessory – it’s built purely for performance.

This is most evident in its 50mm drivers, which promise some of the best sound quality, whether you’re playing games, streaming music or watching movies. Another major plus point of the Stealth 300 over competitors at this range is its many helpful features. These include a detachable noise-canceling microphone and automatic game/voice balancing so players can always hear what’s happening around them clearly (even amidst loud explosions).

There are controls on the ear cups themselves, allowing gamers to adjust volume and chat levels on-the-fly without having to take their hands off their controllers – perfect if your palms start sweating during particularly intense moments. Altogether, these features make Turtle Beach one of the market leaders in affordable gaming headsets, and highly recommend considering them if you are looking for an upgrade.

Specs Table

Connection of AudioPlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4 – 3.5mm
Frequency of Speaker20Hz to 20kHz
Size of Speaker50-mm
Battery Specs900mAh & Rechargeable
Microphone SpecsMultidirectional
Material of HeadbandFoam Cushioning with Mesh Fabric
Material of Ear CushionsClosed Over Ears


The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 design is sleek and low-profile, making it perfect for gamers who want to remain undetected in online multiplayer games. The ear cups are well-padded and surround your ears for immersive audio quality, while the headband is adjustable so you can find the perfect fit.

The microphone can be muted by flipping it up out of the way if you don’t need it, and there’s a handy control unit on the cable that lets you adjust the volume or mute sound without pausing your game.

Additionally, the ear cups offer a cooling effect for marathon gaming sessions, deep bass tones, and crisp highs so that every explosion and gunfire is heard loud and clear. Plus, since this versatile headset also works great for listening to music or watching movies when you’re not gaming, the Stealth 300 is perfect for any entertainment experience.

Comfort Level

The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is a comfortable gaming headset with powerful audio performance and great features. The ear cups are nicely padded and provide good sound isolation, so you can focus on your game without being disturbed by outside noise.

Additionally, the headband is adjustable for a snug fit, and there’s also a mute microphone switch for when you need to take a break. Overall, this headset provides an excellent level of comfort whether you’re wearing it for extended periods or during short bursts of gameplay.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is excellent. With no rattling or loose pieces, the headset has a strong, well-built feel. All of the seams are well-completed, and the plastic used is of a good grade. It is a dependable alternative for gamers who desire the greatest experience possible thanks to its high build quality.

To guarantee that gamers can wear them for hours without getting uncomfortable, the ear cups and headband are both durable metal and plastic. A detachable mic boom is also included with the stealth 300, ensuring crystal-clear voice communication while playing.


The microphone on the Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is extremely clear and provides great sound quality when talking or gaming. The boom mic ensures your voice will be heard loud and clear by your friends, no matter how intense the game gets.

Additionally, there are multiple EQ presets available that can be customized to fit your personal preference, as well as a chat volume boost that allows you to adjust how loudly others hear you speaking easily. This headset is perfect for an immersive audio experience with exceptional clarity.


The sound of the turtle beach stealth 300 is very clear and crisp, and the highs are bright, while the lows are deep and rich. This makes for an extremely immersive gaming experience that immerses you in action. The Stealth 300 also features a surround sound mode that lets you clearly hear what’s happening around you, making it perfect for multiplayer games.

In addition, the powerful bass ensures that explosions and other special effects are impressive, adding an extra level of excitement to your gameplay. The rich, amplified soundscape lets you hear every game detail loud and clear, while the Dynamic Chat Boosts ensures conversations are always at peak volume, so you never miss a word. With its closed-ear cup design, this gaming headset blocks ambient noise for distraction-free gameplay sessions, perfect for when you need to focus all your energy on taking down your opponents.


The turtle beach stealth 300 gaming headset has a lot of controls, which can be a little confusing at first. But once you know what they all do, it’s easy to use them in-game. Starting from the top left, there’s the power button, which turns on or off the sound from the headphones.

Next is the game volume dial – turning this up increases the overall volume of game audio, while turning it down lowers it. Besides, that is a chat volume dial; adjusting this allows you to control how loud other players talking to you will be.

On the right side, there are three buttons in total: The first one mutes/unmutes both games and chat Audio (so if someone nearby starts chatting loudly when you’re trying to focus on a match, just hit this button).

The second opens Turtle Beach’s Ear Force Audio Hub software program (more on that later), while the third switches between Surround Sound presets for different games or scenarios. (Example: When playing an FPS like Call of Duty, use “Warfare” mode for its intense directional effects.)


The turtle beach stealth 300 headset is the perfect option for gamers looking for high-quality sound. The headset offers seamless connectivity to your gaming device, allowing you to chat with friends and opponents during gameplay.

The connectivity of the gaming headset is top-notch, providing an incredibly immersive experience that allows gamers to connect with their games in a whole new way. The 3.5mm jack ensures seamless compatibility with all devices, and the detachable mic makes it easy to take your audio experience on the go.

Gaming Performance

The turtle beach stealth 300 headphones have many features that work well together. The first is the noise-canceling feature which blocks out sound from the environment and creates a more personal listening experience. This is important for players who want to focus on their game without distractions.

Secondly, the bass boost option allows gamers to enhance low frequencies and create an even more immersive audio experience. Finally, Turtle Beach’s signature chat boost system ensures clear communication with fellow players, regardless of how noisy your surroundings are. These features make the Stealth 300 headphones a great choice for dedicated gamers looking for high-quality audio performance.

Overall Performance

The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 gaming headset is an excellent quality all around. It has superb audio quality, with a crisp and powerful sound that adds to the immersion of both games and movies. Additionally, the ear cups are quite comfy, allowing for prolonged usage without any pain.

Players on the other end of voice conversations remarked that the voice is audibly loud and sounds excellent, which is another positive aspect of the microphone’s performance. But it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a new gaming headset, given how well it performs.

Features of Turtle Beach Stealth 300

  • The Stealth 300 gaming headset is designed for Xbox One and features surround Audio and a noise-canceling microphone.
  • It’s made with durable, lightweight materials that make it comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • The ear cups are also covered in a soft fabric to keep your ears cool and comfortable under pressure.
  • The headband can be adjusted to fit any size head, and the ear cups rotate inward, so they don’t take up too much space when you’re not using them.
  • The 50mm speakers provide powerful stereo sound, immersing you in games, movies, or music. At the same time, the dynamic chat boost feature ensures everyone hears your conversations loud and clear, no matter how noisy your environment might be.
  • The high-sensitivity mic automatically mutes when you lift it off of the boom arm, so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally transmitting background noise during important chats
  • A 3D Audio mode provides an even more immersive experience by simulating multidirectional sounds from around you.
  • With its universal plug, you can use the stealth 300 on either PC or Mac.

Turtle Beach Audio Hub Software

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub software is a comprehensive tool that provides users access to various audio settings and features. The software can configure your audio devices, create custom profiles, adjust microphone settings, and more.

The Audio Hub software is easy to use and includes various customization options for tweaking your audio experience. You can use the software to fine-tune your gameplay volume levels or set up different profiles for each game you play. Many mic controls are also available to get the most out of your voice chat communications.

Additionally, the Bass Boost feature gives you an extra edge in blasting enemies away with thundering explosions and gunfire sounds. Overall, the Turtle Beach Audio Hub software is an impressive tool that offers extensive control over all aspects of your gaming audio experience.


The aesthetics of the Turtle Beach Stealth 300 are something to behold. They’re simple, sleek and understated – perfect for gamers who want a quality pair of headphones without all the flashy bells and whistles. Its superior sound quality and comfortable design make it perfect for any gamer looking for an intense, immersive experience. Its cushioned ear cups and adjustable headband provide long-term comfort. Additionally, the stealthy black color scheme makes it ideal for gamers who want a stylish yet understated look.

Water Resistance

The water resistance of the Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is excellent. It can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water and still work perfectly, making it a great choice for anyone who likes to swim or play around in the pool.

The headphones have also been tested and proven to meet military standards for durability and waterproofing, so you can be sure they’ll hold up even during intense activities. Plus, their unique design ensures a comfortable fit no matter how wet they get.


  • The Stealth 300 provides excellent sound quality, with clear highs and lows that are ideal for gaming or watching movies.
  • It is very comfortable to wear, thanks to the generous padding on the headband and ear cups.
  • The headset is lightweight and easy to transport, making it perfect for taking on the go.
  • Being able to control all your audio settings right from the headset itself is a handy feature, especially when gaming online with others.
  • It has a long battery life, so you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted entertainment without worrying about running out of power.


  • The audio quality is not the best.
  • It can be challenging to configure correctly.
  • There are some sound distortions present at high volumes.
  • The bass levels are not as strong as they could be.
  • Some people may find it uncomfortable to wear for extended periods.

Battery Life

The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 gaming headset is designed for extended gaming sessions, with a 10-hour battery life. The integrated rechargeable battery also means you never have to worry about replacing batteries or finding an outlet; charge the Stealth 300 up and get started. Moreover, even when the battery runs out of juice, you can continue using the Stealth 300 as a wired headset thanks to its 3.5mm audio jack.


Some people have commented that the sound quality is excellent, while others say the headphones are comfortable for extended periods. A few reviewers have mentioned that the bass could be more powerful, but this seems to be a minority opinion overall. Overall, the Stealth300 is great value for money and would make an excellent purchase for any gamer looking for immersive Audio experiences when playing their favorite titles.


The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 gaming headset comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any defects in materials or artistry and allows you to either have the product repaired or replaced free of charge. To take advantage of this warranty, you must provide proof of purchase (a receipt) and your contact information.

User Experience

The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is a great gaming headset for people who want good audio quality without breaking the bank. The sound is clear and crisp, and the bass response is impressive for such a small set of headphones.

Users were also surprised at how well they isolate external noise, which is perfect if you’re trying to avoid being disturbed while playing games or watching movies. The build quality also seems quite solid, which is always a bonus. Overall,users are very happy with their purchase and recommend these headphones to anyone looking for an affordable option in this category.


A Turtle Beach Stealth 300 alternative could be the Corsair HS70 Wireless Headset. The Corsair headset has 7.1 surround sound and 50mm neodymium drivers, delivering impressive audio quality for gaming and music listening experiences. The HS70 also has a detachable unidirectional microphone that performs well in noisy environments such as online gaming sessions.

Another potential option for those seeking a Stealth 300 replacement is the HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset. This headset offers fantastic stereo sound quality and great noise-canceling features powered by dual chambers. Additionally, it includes a detachable mic for crystal-clear voice chat communication in any environment.

If you are looking for another option to replace your Stealth 300 headphones, one possibility would be the SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth Gaming Headset. This particular set of headphones allows gamers to enjoy stunningly accurate sounds while pairing wirelessly with mobile devices or other Bluetooth-enabled gear.


The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is a great headset for gamers who want to immerse themselves in their gaming experience. The surround sound and bass make it easy to hear every sound in the game, and the ear cups block out distractions so you can focus on your game. The microphone ensures that you can always be heard loud and clear by your teammates, no matter how noisy your environment may be. The headphones are also very comfortable, thanks to their lightweight design and soft padding.


What is the Turtle Beach Stealth 300?

The Stealth 300 is a gaming headset for Xbox One, designed to provide high-quality Audio and chat features. It is durable and has a microphone that can quickly retract when not in use. Additionally, it offers to surround sound capabilities for an immersive gaming experience.

How does the Turtle Beach Stealth 300 work?

The Stealth 300 plugs into your Xbox One controller using the 3.5mm jack, providing both game and chat Audio straight through to your ears. The mic also connects to the controller, so you can easily retract it when not in use.

Does it come with anything else?

Yes! In addition to the durable build quality and padded headband, the stealth300 also includes A Mute Microphone button on the left ear cup, allowing players instant muting control without ever having to take their hands off their controllers.

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