Turtle Beach Recon 200: Playing Games With The New Headset

The Turtle Beach Recon 200 is a budget-friendly gaming headset that offers great sound quality and features for its price. It’s an ideal option for gamers looking for an entry-level headset with their PC, PS4, or Xbox One console.

The Recon 200 has 40mm drivers that provide clear audio reproduction with minimal distortion, even at high volumes. It also comes equipped with a microphone that can be used to communicate with other players online. The Headset is lightweight and comfortable, thanks to the synthetic leather ear cups and headband padding.

And it also has inline volume and mic controls, so you can easily adjust your audio settings without leaving the game. If you’re on a tight budget but still want a quality gaming experience, then the Recon 200 is worth considering.

Specification Table

Design of Ear CupsClose Over Ears
Drivers 40 mm
Design of MicMulti-Directional
ControlsMaster Volume Control Wheel, Mic Controller Wheel, Xbox-PS-Nintendo Platforms Switch
Material of Headband CushionsFoam Cushioning with Synthetic Leather
Frequency Rate20Hz – 20kHz
ConnectivityXbox Series, PS 4, PS 5, Mobile Devices and Nintendo Switch


The Turtle Beach Recon 200 is a gaming headset for PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices. It offers an over-ear design that gives gamers immersive sound quality while playing their favorite games.

The Recon 200 also features Turtle Beach’s exclusive Superhuman Hearing technology, allowing players to hear enemy footsteps and other in-game sounds from farther away than normal, making it possible to gain a competitive edge in crowded multiplayer matches.


In addition to its great audio features, the Turtle Beach Recon 200 is also comfortable to wear for extended periods. Its lightweight frame and soft ear cushions make it easy on your head and ears, while its adjustable headband ensures a snug fit regardless of your head size. It is lightweight and reasonably adjustable, although it can become warm after extended use.

And if you need to take a break from playing games or want to listen to music or videos outside your game console or computer system, the included 3.5mm stereo connector allows you to use the Recon 200 with any device with a headphone jack input port.


The Turtle Beach Recon 200 is an on-ear gaming headset that delivers high-quality sound and crystal-clear chat. The Headset’s large, 40mm speakers provide rich audio with deep bass and crisp highs, while the premium noise-canceling microphone ensures your voice sounds clear and natural when chatting with friends.

Additionally, the Recon 200’s metal headband provides added durability, and its synthetic leather ear cushions offer long hours of comfortable gameplay. If you’re looking for a great-sounding, affordable gaming headset that also features a built-in mic for chat, then the Recon 200 is worth considering.

Mic Quality

For gaming, the Turtle Beach Recon 200 microphone is excellent. It offers excellent sound quality and may be used to interact with other players in games like Fortnite and PUBG. Even when there is a lot of background noise around you, the microphone does a wonderful job of canceling it so that other people can hear you properly.

Additionally, it has an LED light that turns on as you speak, making it simple to tell who is speaking, even in dim lighting. Overall, everyone is pleased with the Headset’s microphone and would advise anybody seeking a strong gaming microphone to buy it.

Sound Quality

One of the main benefits of using the Turtle Beach Recon 200 headphones is the high level of sound quality relative to other headsets in this range. The bass response is strong without overpowering, allowing you to hear all those tiny details in your games that can make all the difference.

Additionally, these headphones offer significant noise cancellation capabilities, so whether you’re playing online with friends or just trying to focus on some single-player action, outside noises won’t be able to distract you. That said, there are some downsides worth mentioning too. For one thing, if used at higher volumes than necessary – especially over longer periods – it quickly becomes apparent that these headphones lack features like surround sound.


The Turtle Beach Recon 200 gaming headset has many different controls to provide a great gaming experience. The first control is the power button, which turns the on or off the Headset. The second control is the chat volume knob, which adjusts how loud you hear other players speaking in your game.

The third control is the master volume knob, which adjusts how loud all sounds are coming from your headphones. The fourth and final control is the mute mic switch, which mutes your microphone when flipped up so that no one can hear you talking.


The Recon 200 is a great gaming headset for those looking for an affordable option. It’s compatible with most platforms, including PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and offers good sound quality and noise cancellation features.

Overall Performance

The Turtle Beach Recon 200 is an entry-level gaming headset that delivers good performance. To start with, the Recon 200 produces clear and accurate audio thanks to its drivers. The bass is also well balanced, without being too overpowering like some headsets in this range can be.

In terms of comfort, the Recon 200s ear cups are large and soft, which helps them stay in place even during extended sessions. And finally, there are several handy extras included, such as a detachable mic and game/chat volume mixer. Overall, the Recon 200 is an excellent choice for an affordable gaming headset that doesn’t sacrifice quality or features.

Features of Turtle Beach Recon 200

  • The Recon 200 headset is a stereo gaming headset that offers clear sound and chats audio quality for an immersive gameplay experience.
  • It has a unique, minimalist design with black and white color options and red accents, giving it a modern look.
  • Its ear cups are designed to provide great noise isolation so you can focus on your game without any distractions.
  • You can easily adjust the Recon 200’s headband to find the perfect fit, and its plush ear cushions make it comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.
  • A flexible microphone boom that swivels 360 degrees.
  • Inline controls for volume adjustment and muting.
  • 40mm Neodymium drivers for crisp highs and thundering lows.
  • Compatibility with PS4 Pro, Xbox One, PC, Mac ®, mobile devices*, Nintendo Switch ™**and other wireless gaming headsets via Bluetooth.

About Turtle Beach Application

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub app is a great way to get the most out of your audio experience while gaming on your PC. The app provides enhanced control over your audio settings and makes it easy to switch between presets or create custom profiles.

With the Audio Hub app, you can customize how different sounds are processed to create an optimal listening environment for yourself. Whether you’re looking for improved sound quality or want more flexibility in terms of what games you can play and how they sound, the Turtle Beach Audio Hub is worth checking out.


The Turtle Beach Recon 200 offers clear audio and crystal-clear chat with a robust, aesthetic build. It’s also lightweight and comfortable, making it perfect for long gaming sessions. When you pick up the Recon 200, you’ll appreciate its sturdy construction.

It’s made of hard plastic and feels very solid in your hands, making it durable and well-suited for extended use. The Headset is also surprisingly lightweight, considering its size, which makes it easy to wear even during long gaming sessions.

Once you put it on, you’ll be impressed by the level of comfort provided by the soft padding around the ear cups and headband cushioning. You can wear this Headset for hours without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue – something not often found in headsets at this price point.

The leather band gives a good grip while wearing headphones. These are easily adjustable, so they fit snugly on different-sized heads. As an added bonus, continually adjusting them as you play is no longer necessary. Additionally, so there’s never any worrying about cords getting in your

Water Resistance

The Recon 200 is water-resistant and can withstand light splashes and rain. It’s not recommended to submerge the Headset in water as this may damage internal components, but it will protect your investment from accidental spills or unexpected rainfall. Company also recommend using the included protective carrying case when you’re on the go to help further shield your Headset from moisture.


  • It has good sound quality and bass response, making it great for games and movies.
  • The microphone is adjustable and can be hidden when not in use.
  • The headphones are lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • The ear cups rotate to accommodate different head sizes.


  • The Turtle Beach Recon 200 headset may be too small for some people’s heads.
  • Some customers have complained about the sound quality of the Recon 200 headset.
  • There have also been complaints about how cheaply made the Headset feels and sounds.
  • The mic on the Recon 200 might not be good enough for certain tasks.
  • Lastly, this particular model does not come with a wireless adapter.

Battery Life

The Turtle Beach Recon 200 has a battery life of around 10 hours, which is pretty good compared to other gaming headsets. This gives you plenty of time to game or watch movies without worrying about the battery running out.

Additionally, the Headset can be used while it’s charging, so if you run out of juice, you can still use it in a limited capacity. The rechargeable batteries are also replaceable, so if they ever die, you can switch them out.

Budget-friendly stereo headset

While there are certainly more expensive gaming headphones on the market, there are also many cheaper models available, so what distinguishes the Recon 200 from its competitors? Firstly, it’s one of the few wired headsets designed for mainstream gamers – as opposed to those seeking high-end audiophile-grade equipment – that offers to surround sound support (7.1 virtual).

Secondly, at just over 8 ounces, it’s considerably lighter than most other wireless headphones currently available (though this may be due to it lacking features such as noise canceling), meaning you won’t get tired after wearing it for extended periods.

Lastly, its overall build quality is remarkably good, given how inexpensive it is. All considered, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly stereo headset that delivers great sound quality without any bells or whistles, then the Recon 200 is worth considering


The Turtle Beach Recon 200 gaming headset comes with a one-year limited warranty. This warranty guarantees that the product is free from defects in materials and artistry, under normal use, for one year from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. If a defect arises within this time frame, company will repair or replace the product at their discretion.

The customer is responsible for shipping costs. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, wear and tear or unauthorized modifications; any consumable parts (including but not limited to batteries); or problems with electrical power (e.g., brownouts).

Few Considerations

There is no question that the Turtle Beach Recon 200 gaming headset is an amazing piece of technology. It delivers amazingly clear sound and provides a fantastic gaming experience all around. However, a few considerations should be considered before purchasing this particular set of headphones.

The first thing to note about the Recon 200 is that it’s designed for use with PS4, Xbox One consoles, and PC computers. So, if you don’t own one of those devices or plan on using them soon, this may not be the best option for you.

Additionally, because it’s built specifically for gamers, it’s important to understand that this product isn’t ideal for everyday listening needs, such as watching TV or listening to music. The bass response can be overpowering at times and isn’t always balanced evenly across different frequencies, resulting in some listeners feeling discomfort over extended periods.

However, if you fall within the target audience for which this product was created – avid console gamers looking for top-notch audio quality – then there aren’t many things better when compared head-to-head against other similarly priced headsets.

User Experience

The Recon 200 gaming headset is incredibly easy to use right out of the box. The setup process was a breeze, and it was a trouble getting it working on PC, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch. Even if you’re not familiar with audio equipment, you’ll be able to set up this Headset in no time. Much thought went into the Recon 200, and it’s comfortable to wear for hours at a time, thanks to its lightweight construction and pillow-soft ear cushions.

And because it features Turtle Beach’s renowned 40mm speaker drivers, the sound quality is amazing – whether you’re playing games or watching movies/TV shows. Users highly recommend the Turtle Beach Recon 200 gaming headset to anyone looking for an affordable yet high-quality product.


There are many alternatives to the Turtle Beach Recon 200, including:

  1. Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset – This is a great alternative to the Recon 200. It offers 7.1 virtual surround sound and noise-canceling ear cups for an immersive gaming experience. It’s also very affordable at around $74.99.
  2. Astro Gaming A10 Headset – The Astro Gaming A10 is another great option that provides excellent audio quality and comfort thanks to its plush foam ear pads. It’s also much more affordable than most high-end headsets at just $21.95.
  3. Logitech G233 Prodigy Wired Gaming Headset – If you’re looking for a good wired gaming headset that won’t break the bank, check out the Logitech G233 Prodigy, which has solid reviews on Amazon and can be had for under $49.99.


The Turtle Beach Recon 200 is a great budget-friendly option for gamers looking for an immersive gaming experience. The Headset’s surround sound feature immerses you in the game world, and its lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods. Additionally, the Recon 200 is equipped with various features that allow you to customize your audio experience, including a bass boost function and voice chat enhancement mode.


1. What is the Turtle Beach Recon 200?

The Turtle Beach Recon 200 is a gaming headset designed for gamers on a budget. It offers basic features such as 40mm drivers, surround sound, and chat volume control in an affordable package.

2. Does the Recon 200 offer any advanced features?

No, the Recon 200 is a basic headset with no advanced features. However, it includes all the essentials for console gaming audio, including stereo sound and chat support.

3. What platforms is the RECON200 compatible with?

The Headset will be compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices(Adapter not included, Headset only requires 3rd party adapter, and Mobile cable is sold separately).

4. How durable is this product?

The materials used are plastic, so overly rough or careless use might damage them over time. I recommend taking care of it if you want to keep using it smoothly 5 years from now.

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