Turnstile gate ensure the safety management of school entrance and exit

All along, the entrance and exit of the campus is the first gateway to maintain the campus security, and from the policies issued by various places, strict control of the entrance and exit of the campus has become one of the important contents. Correspondingly, the construction of campus entrance and exit security turnstile gate system has become an important landing scene of campus security.

The entrance and exit control system of smart campus is an important part of school security technology. Using modern electronic equipment and software information technology, install the pedestrian turnstile entrance gate integrated with biometric equipment at the entrance and exit of the campus to release and refuse people or objects, Record and alarm operation of the control system, the system at the same time to access personnel number, access time, access number and other circumstances to log in and store, so as to ensure the safety of the campus, the effective measures to achieve intelligent management, while greatly improving the safety factor of the school entrance and exit management efficiency.

In fact, from the point of view of the core technology of the access control system, only with the appropriate locking mechanism, the access control system can be practical. When the reading device confirms the identity and authority of the holder, the legitimate person should be able to get in and out smoothly, and effectively prevent the request of the illegal person. Different forms of locking mechanisms constitute different access control systems, or realize different applications of access control technology. For example, in the campus vehicle management system, the car stopper, the campus entrance and exit gate lever.

The intelligent campus license plate recognition all-in-one machine installs corresponding vehicle information collection equipment outside and inside the gate. When the in and out vehicles drive into a certain distance range, the HD camera on the license plate recognition machine will collect the license plate information and transmit it to the intelligent management console in the security room through the network. The system software in the console will compare the received license plate information with the data stored in the background database. If the comparison is successful, it will issue instructions to the license plate recognition machine to control the vehicle The brake is opened, the vehicle is released, the ground sensor is triggered after the vehicle enters, and the brake will automatically drop. Otherwise, vehicles will not be allowed in or out.

In the entrance and exit personnel channel of the campus, when the personnel swipe their cards (citizen card and ID card) in the card reading area of the personnel channel through the personal ID verification terminal, the identity information is obtained and transmitted to the intelligent management console in the security room through the network. The system software in the console will compare the received identity information with the data in the background database. If the comparison is successful, the system software will send the received identity information to the intelligent management console in the security room, Then control the tripod turnstile gate to open the door, and the corresponding personnel can enter and exit quickly. After 2-3 seconds, the roller turnstile gate channel is closed. Otherwise, people are not allowed to enter or leave.

At present, the research of face recognition technology has become a hot spot in the field of artificial intelligence and recognition, and the integration of face recognition technology into the campus entrance control system has become a hot spot. From the entrance and exit of grounds along with other spots, experience id technology can be used to create the “essential” of the access handle plan. By looking at the captured deal with using the pre joined experience database, the entry privileges of various areas, distinct accessibility things and various time periods are judged with the unique “greeting card” of your face to manipulate the launching from the entry ways and exit method. Mainly encounter reputation handle products, according to experience reputation, put together with IC credit card, fingerprint along with other strategies to do combined confirmation, the security is more enhanced and certain.

In addition, we can also use the human identification technology to verify the identity information of relevant personnel in the access control system of important places on campus through face recognition. At the same time, the system can connect with the background face blacklist database. Once the blacklist personnel are found, the background can trigger an automatic alarm.

As a face recognition product with high performance and high reliability, the device supports the combination of biometric identification (face, fingerprint, etc.) and ID card / IC card to control the passage of the security turnstile gate. After capturing the face, the device compares it with the 1:1 small picture of the face in the ID card chip in real time, or compares it with the face database in real time to verify that it controls the passage of the gate later; It also supports the memory function of face information. The next pass only needs face comparison. The device is suitable for all kinds of places where people are needed for comparison and verification.

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