Turn a Small Bathroom into a Luxury Bathroom

Living in small spaces is not new to most people. From small apartments to tiny homes, people have found ways to make every square foot count.

Rent and sizes are relative to the location, so Apartment Therapy answered the question of how big a “small apartment” is. After gathering data, they concluded that a small apartment is around 550 sq. ft.–given the range of 250 sq.ft to 850 sq. ft. An average full bathroom, then, is 36 to 40 sq. ft.

Since the majority of people in the United States need to adapt to these spaces, they have devised ways on how to create an illusion of space.

The bathroom is a crucial part of your comfort and everyday routine. It’s where you take relaxing baths and shake off the gunk from a bad day. It’s where you prep yourself for the day ahead, applying makeup, fixing your hair, or check out your outfit for the day. So, a bathroom is more than just hygiene. It’s a place of confidence and self-esteem, so why not give it a full revamp and make it look like a bathroom in a million-dollar mansion? Of course, without breaking your budget.

On Redoing the Layout

Redoing the layout might be a huge job and can cost you a little more than you intended because it would need relocation of the pipes, connections, and all that groundwork. Instead of this, consider checking whether your plumbing needs some repairs before redecorating. This way, the labor won’t be interrupted by an unexpected leaky pipe or old tubes that already need replacing.

Choose Light Colors

Light colors reflect light throughout the room. This eliminates the shadows, and therefore, makes the room appear bigger. You can choose neutral colors and white, but be careful because they can make the room look boxy. You can also play around by having one dark wall to create an illusion that the wall is receding. It adds depth to the room without soaking up too much light.\

Pick out the Tiles

The current trend in luxury bathrooms is granite or marble. However, that might be too expensive and can easy break the budget. If this is something you really want, you can opt for granite tiles instead of the huge slabs. There are also tiles that only replicate their patterns, especially those veined looking ones. You can only use them for the floor and the entire shower area and then use paint for the rest of the walls so that you can save some money.


Mirrors are a staple for every bathroom. How do you check out yourself without them, right? If the current one in your bathroom is a small mirror attached to a medicine cabinet, it’s time to ditch that. Consider replacing it with a massive mirror, covering the entire wall, or even just the space above the sink. This will make the room feel and look more spacious since there’s an illusion of doubling the size of the room.


What more screams opulence than gold and brass accents? The little details in the design of the room matter to set up the ambiance. These brass accents can be the faucet, the frame of the glass partition of the shower area, or the border of the mirror. If gold-laden opulence is not your thing, consider black accents. They give a modern and minimalist feel while still looking luxurious. When you can’t buy these in your local home depot, there’s always an option to DIY it.


Because you don’t have enough horizontal space, it’s time to make use of the vertical space. Take a look around the bathroom and spot the empty walls. A shelf on top of the toilet can hold extra towels, toilet paper, and other toiletries. Decorations like plants, little figurines, and frames can be up there, too, to add some personalization to the space. You can also set up a shelf by the sink to organize your skincare products and other cosmetics.


Adding recessed lighting to the corners of the ceiling can eliminate the shadows and exponentially light up the room. Sometimes, this could be a lot of work, so incorporating light in different areas of the bathroom would do. For example, you can add cove lighting at the back of the mirror and under the shelves. This adds more depth to the room, making it appear bigger. There are cheap LED lights sold by the meter, and you can just stick them on your own.

The first thing you should consider when redecorating a small bathroom is that-take this-it’s small. Sadly, your decisions will have to revolve around this, but a little creativity and a lot of interior design tricks are with you along the way.

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