Trump’s prescription drug saves lives, US citizen

A man claims health using US President Donald Trump’s prescription to protect against the Coronavirus while another patient died of the same drug and his wife is in critical condition.

A 52-year-old Florida man claim that using President Trump’s prescribed anti-malaria drugs saved his life.

The patient stated in an interview that I was suffering from headaches, headaches, coughs, and fatigue for 5 days after suffering from the coronary virus. At that time, I was finding it difficult to survive because the doctors gave me the answer.

The patient said that on this occasion a friend of mine told me about the malaria drug and I were relieved from the use of chloroquine drug.

On the other hand, the side effects of using this drug have also been reported, an Arizona citizen took self-medication to deal with Corona and died using chloroquine, the condition of his wife is also critical who uses the same medicine for getting better health.

According to US media, husband and wife used drugs to avoid Corona without a doctor’s advice.

In a recent statement on social media, another claim by the US President Donald Trump has come out, in which they say that the initial result of the malaria drug hydrochloroquine against the Coronavirus has been overwhelming.

President Trump has said that the drug is being used in New York and elsewhere.

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