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So, you want to travel to Morocco? Congratulations! You have made the best decision ofyour life. I think that you followed all the steps: you contacted an agency travel, you chose the best Morocco Tour they offered, you started to save money and finally you are ready for your Morocco Trip, no you are just waiting until the day comes so you can finally travel to this beautiful country.

If you already prepared everything, I recommend to think about it again; there may be some facts that you have not considered yet or you have not researched about them. Do you know that a successful trip begins with having a lot of information about the country you are going to? This could make a big difference, and that is why this article will talk about the things you need to know before going to Morocco.

There are countries that demand some requirements before entering the country, and I know that you may be wondering: is Morocco the same? Well, if we talk about vaccinations, Morocco does not demand vaccination before entering the country, it is not a mandatory thing to do and people have not had problems regarding to this issue.

But if you want to feel secure and you want to avoid getting sick, you can take the vaccinations that you want before entering the country. Learn more about Traveling to Morocco at

About the local currency, it is good to know that it is the Dirham. Its rate is good and it is not to expensive when you want to change your local currency to Dirhams. Remember there are transaction places in which you can change your money, also there are some places in which you will be able to pay with your international card but please be sure to talk to your bank and do the appropriate paperwork before coming to this country. Moreover, it is always important to have cash, if you are shopping in the souks or if you want to bargain, have cash will be much better than a credit or debit card.

When you do the Morocco Trip you may feel ashamed about the language they speak, as you may know it is Arabic and it can be a little complicated if you have never studied this language before, but besides this language they also speak Arabic, French and English. So you will hear several languages as you walk around big cities. If you are in a small town, then it will be less probably to find people speaking English.

As this is a really cultural country, you may feel confused about what you should do and what you should not do, well I gill you some recommendations: do not use your left hand to do something important in the social life, as eating or shaking hands. They just think this is unclean and it is better to avoid id. The other recommendation deals with the way you dress, this is a really conservatory country and they do not like to see women using shorts or tops, so be careful with your clothes. Do not use cloth that expos parts of your body, this could bother people and you will hear some nasty comments from men.

As this is a conservatory country, you may be asking to yourself if they have parties or drink alcohol. Even though Moroccans are not allowed to drink alcohol because of the religion, you can find alcohol in any bar or restaurant, it will be a little expensive but if you really want to drink something, this is your chance. Also, there are some clubs or bars that have some live shows and parties, so night life it still exists in this country.

Now that you know some information that is really important before entering Morocco, let’s suppose you follow those advice and now you are in the country. If you did not hire the Morocco Tours offered by the agency, now it is time to begin your Morocco Trip on your own, and I have some cities that you must visit.

The first city I will recommend you to visit is Menknes. This city it is not too big but not too small, it seems like a maze but it is definitely worth it. There are some beautiful historical sites that are really well preserved that you can visit like Bab Mansour or Dar Jamai Museum. Also, you can stay on a Riad in which you are going to get closer to the Moroccan culture, you will be welcomed with a huge smile and you will feel like you were at home.

If you visit the Bab Mansour, you will notice that this a big, imposing and amazing door. It catches your attention since the first time you look at it, the texture and architecture is amazing and many people love this, so if you have the opportunity to take a picture, do not doubt it and take it!

Another great city is definitely Fez, one of the imperial cities. This is a big city and its historical sites are well preserved. It is usually crowded and it has many things to see, it seems almost impossible to discover this city in only two or three days; but we could not expect something different of one the best cities of Morocco. One of the greatest thing you can do here is going to the Medina, but be careful: it is not going to be easy. Also, one of the best thing in Morocco is that you will see best houses and you can also decorate your house with cheap kitchen backsplash ideas.

The Medina of Fez is definitely one of the places you should visit and buy something. There is a disadvantage and this place can be a little messy and overwhelming, especially for those people who like to buy things in calm places – if you want to do this, I recommend you going to other cities that are not too big and have smaller medinas. Despite of this, it is an unforgettable experience, the charming places, music, food, aroma, voices; everything makes this place special and easy to forget, but also easy to get lost. Be sure to hire a local guide so you will avoid getting lost and be prepared for everything.

Other cities that you should visit are Merzouga this is not a famous city like Fez but you should visit it, Ourzazte – this place is perfect for Hollywood movies thanks for its perfect deserts and arid zones and Marrakech – it is not too funny like Fez, but this is a mandatory thing to do if you are in Morocco. There are other cities that you can visit too but I just mentioned my favorite cities, it will be impossible to talk about all beautiful cities that Morocco have taking into account that this country has too much too everything.

So, if you are in Morocco you have many things to do and many places to discover… do not miss any chance!

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