Travel Refund – 5 Reasons for a Lufthansa Flight Refund

No matter why a flight that you have scheduled is canceled, the disruption to your travel plans can be rather painful. This is why it is important to know what your rights are, particularly when it comes to getting a refund. There are times when your own personal schedule simply cannot accommodate a canceled flight. You will be unable to go on your trip now, so you want your money back. This is just one example of why a Lufthansa flight refund should be in the cards for you.

Talk To the Right People

The gate agent at the airport is not going to be able to get you a refund for your canceled flight. You do not even want to go there. Instead, divert your energy into talking to the people at the airline who can actually help you. This begins with the customer service department when you are talking about a Lufthansa flight refund. This will put you in contact with the people who can help you. It is always helpful to do this right away at the airport, but you may need to call them if you have already returned home. According to Travel Refund, you are entitled to a refund if “your flight was canceled by Lufthansa”, so remember to escalate the call to a supervisor if you need to.

Reasons Why You Are Entitled To a Refund

Here are some things to consider as you fight for your Lufthansa flight refund.

Minimal Notice

If an airline is going to cancel your flight, they are to give you about two-weeks notice before doing so. If this did not occur, then there is a good chance that consumer protection laws will work in your favor here. This is one of the indications that a refund is possible for you. Here, you can contact an agency like Air Advisor that can help determine whether you’re eligible for a flight delay compensation at absolutely NO cost at all. If your flight is overbooked, canceled or abnormally delayed, without giving you any notice or information, you’re definitely entitled to compensation. You can visit website of, for more details.

When the Scheduled Flight Was To Occur

You also want to take a look at your past cancelations. If the flight was to have occurred no more than six years ago, then it is still within your rights to file a claim. You will want to go ahead and do so now so that Lufthansa can start working on your refund. Learn more about How can You Get a Travel Refund at

You Checked-in On Time

Your flight might still be scheduled to be on-time when you arrive at the airport. If you checked-in on time and then the flight was canceled, then you should be able to get a refund. Make sure you keep a record of when you arrived and checked-in for your flight.

Your Flight Was to Land In or Take Off From the EU

The European Union has some very strong regulations designed to protect the consumer. No matter where you are from, these rights apply to you. Make use of them.

The Cancellation Could Have Been Controlled By the Airline

There are some instances, such as weather, that the airline cannot control. However, there are other cancelations that occur that were entirely within the control of the airline. An example of this would be staffing issues.

Now that you know what your rights are, it is time to go and get your Lufthansa flight refund. Make sure that you understand your rights and that you talk to the right people. This will help you get a positive resolution to your case much quickly.

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